Worry and Its Ugly Secret – Ep 0010





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  1. hehehe thats GREAT! I’ve always known that! finally someone says it….i care i worry for no-one but myself!! hahaha

    • … yeah, but only as long as we’re held hostage by ego. When we break that cycle, we can experience and act from a position of TRUE compassion and love. 😉 It must be getting cold down there in Australia, because it’s getting warmer up here in the US. I had to mow the lawn today.

      • your funny.

        It was a stinking hot day today, really muggy, probably going to get some
        rain tonight…It should be getting colder but then who am I to say…we
        may have to ask the weather committee they seem to have brought in some new
        arrangement of late….’hmmm we’ll put THIS season here…and uMMM THIS
        season over there….and maybe get rid of THIS season all together…….’

        anyway TRUE compassion is something that I go on about quite a bit…i like
        it as opposed to the…oh I care about you sooo much when really we know
        there is an egoic excitement at the prospect of seeing that one fail or
        suffer etc you see a lot of it in the media unfortunately…….sounds harsh
        but oh well!

        ps – mowing the lawn can give the impression that it is extra hot!
        especially if, like me, you are more accustomed to less strenuous activity
        like writing or talking!



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