Why We Are On This Path To Nirvana – I AM 0142

Why Are We On This Path? It may be more important than

you think.



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  1. Hi sean
    So glad to have you back again. I appreciate your podcasts beyond measure. Am looking forward to purchasing your book.

    Dont bother to reply, just take on board the impact you make on my and so many other lives.


  2. This is the clearest explanation of emotion I\’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are truly helping people. One question though, how does one stop feeling the negative emotions? I have always had a problem with the idea that u dersting why you suffer somehow eliminates it. If that were true, psychotherapist would go out of business. Im having difficulty integrating your model in a practical manner. For instance, I am 50 years old and have suffered with deprssion since I had a concussion from a skiing accident at 19. I used to feel insired and had zest for life. Since my accident ove spent 30 years looking for a way to restore myself to mytrue positive self. I feel like after the accident I lost my spirit or soul… I\’ve read that the spiritual park of the brain is located on the left frontal cortex. I believe this area must have been damaged. Do you think one must have the enlightenment experience to be liberated from tne suffering caused by negative emotio. Any insight into people who are possibly held back by physical changes in the brain?
    Thank you,


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