Hey guys!  I know I’ve mentioned it on the podcast… and some of you who are connected with me on Facebook are already in the know… but I wanted to drop a post here to let you know why I’ve been a little quiet on the podcast and on the blog (thanks for the “we miss you” emails, by the way).

I’ve been working the algorithms of human emotion again, this time with some support from multiple departments at GA Tech.  UPDATE: Things are going great!  So great in fact… take a look at this:





It’s official.  The Compassionate Computing Project is off and running, and our plans are to patent the algorithms of defining, tracking, and predicting human emotion in users of interactive systems… then funnel that money back into positive projects connected with reducing pain and suffering, and raising awareness that there DOES exist a way to scientifically explain inner peace, and the quiet and contentment that comes from the phenomenon called “spiritual enlightenment”.

Here are the pertinent links (still under construction) if you are interested.  We anticipate launching a funding project or two rather soon on some crowd-funding sites TBA:



Love and Light, Y’all,



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