The persian poet Rumi said this about 700 years ago, and it has not changed since then. And that is because it is basic unconditional truth.

What you are seeking is seeking you.

And… I must interject here… please do not misinterpret this statement as some “what you want from the world wants you” BS like the misguided “Law of Attraction” practitioners might have you believe.  The true attractive forces in the universe have absolutely nothing to do with attracting worldly things or accomplishments that you want to have in your life. Those worldly wants/needs/preferences are egoic needs, and they are illusionary in the grand scheme and not connected with spiritual truth… not connected with the true vibrations of the universe… not connected with… what is seeking you.

What Rumi was talking about (and what stands true to this day) is that if you are a seeker of spiritual truth… if you are searching for that connection with the divine within… that spiritual truth which you are seeking… that universal intelligence you wish to tap into… that power within you that you feel is there but which has largely been left untapped… is seeking you also.  Put more simply, for lack of better terminology, it WANTS you to discover it.

Call what you seek God, Brahma, Allah, Yahweh… call it the Source… call it Universal Intelligence… call it the Other… it doesn’t matter what you call it.  It exists.  It is beyond mind and body.  It is intelligent.  And it is seeking a communion with you.

When you go out beyond yourself to meet it, it is the most gracious of hosts.  Fully accepting regardless of your imperfections.  Fully loving regardless of your apprehensions.  Fully forgiving regardless of your sins or trespasses.  And it is seeking you.

Are you seeking it?






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