Do you want a 45 year-old blonde wife?  Another question:  Do you have good health insurance?  Well if you can answer yes to both questions, your cold streak love life might be over, my friend.  This lady has been on television a couple times touting her willingness to marry for the end result of getting good health insurance.

And… you know what’s sad…?  I don’t think she’s kidding.

She has publicly stated that she won’t just marry a guy with great healthcare regardless of compatibility, but she did say that good coverage was required for her to date anyone, and that she would overlook other lesser qualities if her hopeful Beau had high lifetime coverage limits.  Take a look at a YouTube video she put up:



So here’s the spiritual question out of this one:

With the loving and charitable path being that we are supposed to ensure the Samaritans in our world get the care they need regardless of their status, what is wrong with passing a set of laws that ensure health coverage is afforded those of us who need it the most?

Better asked, how would Jesus handle the health care debate?





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