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Before we get started today… before I say even one thing that’s relevant to our discussion on spirituality… I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to Kerri. Kerri… you are the BEST. I very much appreciate what you did for us, and I’m sure everyone else does as well. I cannot thank you enough. You have made a difference in our lives.

Now… for everyone who is now wondering what I’m talking about… a couple weeks ago a technical issue basically killed thousands of dollars worth of equipment critical to this podcast. And in telling the story about that day as an example of how to not let anything like that or anything else ruin your day, I shared that information on the podcast. I wasn’t looking for sympathy… I wasn’t looking for donations… in fact the biggest part of the story was about how my son urinated all over me through a very leaky diaper. Then I received an email from Kerri and then a check in the mail to put us on the road to get some new gear for the podcast. It wasn’t expected, but it is most definitely appreciated! So we should all thank Kerri, for her generous contribution.

And with that, let’s GO!

Welcome to the I AM Podcast, where we answer all the questions about spirituality and inner peace that you ever wanted to ask, and where we learn the secrets of humanity and divinity through a better understanding of both. I am your host, Sean Webb.

Okay, so…. I moderate the Spirituality group on LinkedIn… if you aren’t plugged in, you may want to go to LinkedIn and become a member of the Spirituality group… there are some good conversations going on there. But this morning there was a question that read as follows: “There is a world-wide movement away from the traditional understandings we’ve inherited from religion, yet we use largely the same old vocabulary. What might a new universal vocabulary look like? And specifically… What key words or phrases would you want to include? What might you adapt from the old vocabulary?

So I answered the following… and you can read this if you go to LinkedIn’s Spirituality Group… “From my perspective, I would like to keep the word “Amen”… but in keeping it, I’d like to remind everyone of its true definition… that the word amen literally means “SO BE IT”.

“So be it” isn’t some term of pious deference, respectful of some superior authority that you hope will take action in your assistance. So be it is a powerful command of action. “Come into being”, “become a reality”, “make it so”, “I command that to happen”, “git-r-dun!”

THAT’S the powerful intention of the command amen that I think so many people are missing when they unenthusiastically and sheepishly repeat ‘amen’ after prayers, or at the end of a hymn in their church. They ignore the portion of God within them that has the power to influence and actually make things happen in the universe. They ignore the portion of God within them that has the power to follow the command at hand. SO BE IT!

So… I think “amen” should be kept, and should be invigorated with the ASS-KICKING POWER it was and is meant to convey to people who say it!

So here’s my question for you today. If you could choose some of yesterday’s vocabulary to bring into our new spiritual understanding, what would it be? Answer on the blog at I AM , at LinkedIn, or on YouTube. Wherever you are.

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