Time… is an illusion.  I’m sorry, but it is.  From a pragmatic standpoint, from an observational standpoint, and even from a common sense standpoint… time… doesn’t really exist.  The only moment that ever really exists is the moment of NOW.  All other moments are simply inventions of the mind.

I know that thought doesn’t really make sense in our world… a world filled with clocks and appointments, and timed events, and scientific predictions.  But think about it:  Try to remember… when the last time was that you thought about the past… that you weren’t taking up one of your NOWs to do it?  In fact… even right now… we’re taking up a portion of our NOW as we think about a time in the past when we last thought about a time in the past (how META is that?!).  And to make one little additional observation… now that we are remembering that time when we took time to remember a time… was that past moment not just invented in our minds at that moment?  In fact is ANY past moment that we think about then not just being reinvented in our minds at the moment we are thinking about it?

In fact that moment IS simply reinvented from our memories at the moment.

So that begs a question… does that past moment really exist again NOW, or is it just an invention of your mind NOW?  And does ANY past moment in your life exist NOW, or can you only utilize a NOW to think about that past moment?

Similarly when we think about the future (don’t worry… we won’t go all meta again by asking you to imagine a time in the future where you would be thinking about the future), the only place that future actually exists… is in our minds.  And by default, we MUST use a portion of our NOW to be able to produce that vision of the future in our minds.

So does any time in the future actually exist, or do we simply invent that future (and the potential events that may or may not occur) in our minds?  Again… we are left only with the answer of having the NOW.

So in reality… the only thing that exists for us is the NOW… the present moment.  And although we can indeed use that NOW to create the illusions of future and past… the only thing that we actually exist within is this everlasting, forever-changing NOW.  And thus, the past and future are actually illusions invented within the confines of our minds.

And here’s the litmus test;  if we NEVER thought about the future or the past… they would NEVER exist.  Right?

Right.  Okay.  Done.  Cool.

So now what?

Big friggin’ deal, right?  Why the hell did we come all this way just to prove a time perception argument?  How can this esoteric knowledge actually help our everyday lives?

Well… here is where our new BMS model… and our new specific definitions of emotions… can actually answer a rather big question.

As we learned in Episode 0009, Regret is the emotion connected with a past egoic devaluation.  When you do something stupid or “regrettable”, or that devalues your perception of existence… and you think about it in your mind’s invented past… you feel regret when you remember it.  And we learned in Episode 0010 that Worry is the emotion connected with a future potential egoic devaluation.  When you think about bad things that can happen in your mind’s understanding of life… in your mind’s invented future… is when you experience worry.

So if both future and past are illusions of the mind… are not both worry and regret ALSO simply illusions of the mind?

Yes.  In fact they are.

Both worry and regret are nothing but illusions of the mind. Not only are the past and future illusions of the mind, but the ego is an illusion of the mind as discussed in Episode 0005, and thus the negative emotions of worry and regret… are both simply illusionary… and also unnecessary.  And if you can grasp that concept… you are one step closer to removing worry and regret from your existence completely and permanently.  And wouldn’t that be nice?

At the point we get a shift in your egoic understanding… they WILL be gone forever, as will anger, sorrow, and fear, etc.  But for now… we will work on controlling the mind from understanding the mind and how it works so it will be an easier task to surrender its attachments when the time comes.

If you need a review, go back and watch Episode 0009, and Episode 0010, and email me at Sean (at) IAMPodcast.com if you have any questions.

I love you guys.  Peace,



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