I AM Spirituality is the #1 video podcast in ‘Spirituality’ on iTunes, and it’s now the #4 podcast among all spirituality podcasts (including audio podcasts).  That is a substantial rating, because audio podcasts typically outweigh video versions in subscriber numbers.  All this in 40 days!

Now… of course these ratings fluctuate from day to day depending on activity, but in regard to our neighbors on the list (Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Oprah’s Spirit Channel) we are so thankful so many people are finding value in the I AM message!  It makes all the effort and expense to deliver it worth while.  Keep sharing it with your friends and family, and anyone else who might like to hear the no-nonsense explanations of spirituality and the path to inner peace!  We want to land on Oprah’s radar when we unseat Oprah’s Spirit Channel from #1.  THAT LADY knows spirituality media and how to help folks!

In the end, the more people we help, the more healthy the world gets.  Thank you for all your support in subscribing and sharing!




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