Alright, so last week, I had touched on the fact that I had downloaded a book from Audible called The Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D., and that I had not yet listened to this book and just wanted to let you know that I downloaded it as part of the little commercial that I do at the end of the podcast (because Audible supports us when you support them so, we appreciate it if you guys want to go download your free Audible book… you can get there by going to

But anyway… back to Proof of Heaven. This is a pretty awesomely amazing book. And I say that because it provides us yet another first person account of what I call the ‘experience of enlightenment’ and what many other sources call the experience of enlightenment. Now, his story in a nutshell… and he tells it better what I’m about to tell you now… but basically, he came down with a very rare case of bacterial meningitis that attacked his spinal cord and his brain and basically put him into a coma for a seven days. It’s a one in 10 million situation… it’s like you almost have to have a brain operation or a back operation to be able to get this and he got it after being a healthy guy with no operations and it just came out of nowhere. So, it wasn’t really explained how he got sick, but it put him into a coma for seven days where a lot of his brain functions were shut down. And I guess they had the EEG to be able to prove this from a scientific standpoint… so it’s not just someone saying, ‘oh! I got sick and then I got well. Look! It’s a miracle!’
No… his story is much more in-depth, in that he explains an experience of what he perceived to be “Heaven” or something similar to a heavenly state that was beyond mind, beyond body and into the spiritual. This is one of the things that I talked to you about in the Body-Mind-Spirit 101 episodes, specifically episode 20, when I talked about my enlightenment experience. It would take years to give you all the tales of what I’ve experienced through that.
And so in this book, Eben Alexander basically mimics the same statements that I was making in his experience when he left his body and became spiritual existence that no longer identified with his body or who he was. It’s just an amazing story about the miraculous recovery that is basically coming back from a 97% death rate (at where he was medically), with the other 3% being that he should have woke up in a completely vegetative state for the rest of his life, with a 24-hour nurse care. But the guy is up, walking, talking, writing books and living a regular life again after visiting this place deemed Heaven; or what he was calling heaven in the title of his book… but basically it was an enlightenment experience.

So it’s something I really want you to pick up and read. Whether you do it through Audible or not, or you do it through Amazon. I have the Amazon link on my page also if you like to make sure a couple cents will go to us that will be appreciated.

Some of the passages in this book are amazing… and he has a great voice by the way… to listen to if you’re listening through Audible. I just want to share a couple of this with you and you may find these very familiar.

It was knowledge stored without memorization instantly and for good; it didn’t fade like ordinary information does. And to this day I still possess all of it much more clearly than I possessed the information that I’ve gained with all my years in school. It’s not to say that I can get to this knowledge just like that because now that I’m back here to earthly realm, I have not to process it through my limited physical body and brain; but it’s there I feel it, laid into my very being. For a person like me who has spent his whole life working hard to accumulate knowledge and understanding the old fashioned way, the discovery of this more advanced level of learning was, alone enough to give me food for thought for ages to come.

That quote I really appreciate because of what I tried to explain previously to you regarding after the enlightenment experience, you gain basically all the knowledge and intelligence of God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it… instantaneously… and you understand it all and everything, all mysteries, all enigmas, all questions… are answered. But then, the issue is you have to then come back into this body that has a brain that is limited in its capacity to be able to understand and conceptualize the things that you previously understood.
Now, MY rock-solid proof of catalytic change in MY life is that I’m now hoping to solve a 4,000-year old mystery of psychology and forwarding a brand new model of emotional understanding that is being accepted by the world’s leading Psych PhDs and experts in their field saying: “Wow! This is actually pretty accurate on how emotions work where we didn’t have an answer how they work before.”
That’s one of the things that I was able to get my mind wrapped around. One of the things that I understood in the enlightenment experience that I was able to actually get my mind to figure out and put it down to paper, put it down into theory and it actually create some algorithms that computers will be able to use to become sentient. Okay, well, what Dr. Alexander is talking about there is basically the same thing. It’s being able to understand everything and yet coming back into the body with the limited capacity of the mind and brain to be able to unwrap those things. It’s a little difficult sometimes to be able to give everyone the answers to everything. But they’re in there and it’s an experience that you have and knowledge and wisdom that you’re granted access to through the whole thing. So, I thought that was kind of fun. Next snip-it:

The physical side of the universe is as a speck of dust compared to the invisible and spiritual part. In my past view, ‘spiritual’ wasn’t a word that I would have employed during a scientific conversation. Now, I believe it is a word that we couldn’t afford to leave out.

And that is one of the reasons for this podcast, as a matter of fact; it is one of the things that drives me after my enlightenment experience is that I saw the tie-in between spirituality and science. And how science and spirituality, science and religion, are chasing the exact same goal, which is basically the understanding of God, the understanding of everything, the understanding of the universe, which is filled even the spaces in between the spaces is filled with life energy. So, that was pretty poignant as well.

We, the spiritual beings, currently inhabiting our evolutionarily developed mortal brains and bodies, the product of the Earth and the exigencies of the Earth make the real choices. True thought is not the brain’s affair, but we have, in part by the brain itself, been so trained to associate what we think and who we are that we have lost the ability to realize that we are, at all times, much more than the physical brains and bodies that do or should do our bidding.

And that quote goes right to the statement that our mind creates our reality and our mind creates the sense of self and our mind is so overwhelmingly overbearing that it tends to for most of us (for 99.99% of us probably) to dictate our sense of self, who we are and what we think about the world, etc. And getting beyond that mind, getting beyond that corporeal is what’s key in being able to realize deeper truth. Okay, next quote.

Our truest, deepest self is completely free. It is not crippled or compromised by past actions or concerned with identity or status. It comprehends that it has no need to fear the earthly world and therefore it has no need to build itself up through fame or wealth or conquest. This is the true spiritual self that all of us are destined, someday, to recover.

And this goes right to what we spoke about in episode two: The True Self and the False Self. If you’re a Christian, you might be a fan of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Friar who speaks about The True Self and the False Self (and I have links on the podcast in the Body-Mind-Spirit 101 to his recordings so you can get them on Audible as well).
This is spontaneous realization folks. Nobody hands him a bunch of books to be able to say True Self, False Self. He was a pretty agnostic or even atheist scientist up until his experience of spiritual awakening that was arguably scientifically proven to not be on an illusion of his mind because most of his mind has shut down at the time. And he (Alexander) comes to the same realization that the world’s sages are preaching (and have been preaching) for the last 5000 years… that there is this false existence around us, and that there is a true existence of our spiritual nature that resides below, and above, and throughout all of the illusion. That is the thing, the invisible thing that we are not acknowledging, the invisible thing that we can’t see but that is the reality of our existence as humans and as spiritual creatures.

I have tons of bookmarks that I could share with you but that right there is evidence enough, even scientific evidence enough to say there’s a lot to be uncovered and a lot to be discovered regarding the spiritual existence within us.

If you haven’t awaken to it yet, then I’m guessing that you probably had small awakenings, if you haven’t had that great huge epiphany of the enlightenment experience, man, we got to get you there because this type of experience is a life-changing, world-changing happening. I didn’t want to use the word ‘experience’ again but basically it’s a catalytic, revolutionary change in your entire understanding of everything and we really need to get you there.

I think a good little starting point would be figuring out what types of things we are talking about when we are talking about spiritual awakening which is rather we’re doing this podcast and to take in other pieces of media that will help explain it. So, I encourage you to download the Proof of Heaven from Audible and you can get there and get a free copy and Dr. Alexander will still get paid. But you can get a free copy by going to and if you support them, they support us.

Definitely go pick this up because this isn’t woowoo hokey fluff spiritual crap. This is science racing towards the spiritual understanding of our existence and a real world way for us to get there without having to look through a microscope to do it and to get the full epiphany… the full entire satori… awakening and understanding everything that there is to know in the universe and answering all of our spiritual questions. This is important stuff because once it happens to you, all your pain and suffering goes away. It doesn’t exist anymore. You see the illusion that created all of your stressful existence previously, and it simply ceases to exist. It simply does. It dies. It dies off. The bad stuff in you dies off. It’s amazing. It’s awesome. It’s wonderful. And we will get you there. Someday. Soon. Because this communications technology is awesome and the more you know how to walk down the path, the easier it’s going to be to get to that “destination” that isn’t really a destination.

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great week. I will talk to you guys next week because I have to run because I have a toddler who’s going out for the first time trick or treating with his friend who is coming over in a little bit. So, I got to go and go get ready for that. I will talk to you soon. Peace.



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