Hi Everyone,

Today I feel inclined to briefly touch upon the life experience of tragedy.

We are made of water, we are moving, constantly vibrating in response to life. We are Energy in motion…e motion.

Life happens all around us, in cycles, it shifts and turns and changes. We can not guarantee the outcome of our day or our lives for that matter and in fact there is no outcome. Life is continuous.

The continuity is what connects us to each other and to our source.

Our purpose is to light up the strand we are on and in so doing, bring light to the web.

Sometimes in this world of experience a thing called TRAGEDY strikes. And when it does we get thrown, our cells wibble wobble our mind gets messy and there’s a body panic.


Because its not in our true nature to experience LOSS. Our natural, spiritual selves cannot lose anyone or anything because we are everyone and everything. As humans however, experiencing this life and having forgotten our ultimate connection, loss is terrifying.

Tragedy is another reminder that our thought centre is focusing away from the truth and light and being caught in the nightmare of separation.

We must on some level take responsibility for our part in the world that we see, before we can make permanent changes and truly heal.

Ultimate healing means experiencing a strong and abiding peace whilst inhabiting a body and participating in the world.

When you realise that your thoughts and your focus, your anger, guilt resentment and judgement is contributing to the state of the world YOU see, you will be able to shift your focus, clean up your cluttered mind and re-establish some ground rules (personal values) for playing this earthly game.

Tragedy is a BIG distraction for us beautiful, compassionate humans. it is EASY to get sidetracked into contributing to the darkness of the world when we are witness to horrors. I am thinking of a long running case here in Australia that involved a young boy being stolen. The case was investigated over seven years and finally last month the killer was apprehended and the boys body found.

Australia had been with this family the whole time, we all had our opinions, were saddened by the tragedy, and horrified by the circumstances.

This experience brought up different things for each of us; insecurity, anger, outrage, compassion, excitement, mystery, violence and fear, amongst many other states of being.

Under tragic circumstances a developed self-awareness comes in handy. You can evaluate your feelings and realise that your compassion isn’t real if it is one sided. You can monitor your levels of excitement as you discuss the case, sometimes disguised as self-righteousness. Self-awareness will show you your levels of fear and help you become a witness to the amount of time you spend wallowing in the mud of the story. A story that you have added many fabricated details to with your imagination!

As I listened to the repeated news casts of this tragedy and watched the mother shaking in front of the microphone, I felt my cells start to wibble, wobble, I heard the stopries in my mind. I watched myself put the faces of my children onto her boy and experienced false compassion. I wanted to judge and hate the perpetrator of this awful deed.

I also noticed that the chemistry that was occurring in my body as I made my judgement and furbished my story was toxic, was far from the me I know I truly am.

My thoughts were taking me away from the light.

I started to breathe a little more deeply and realised that I had been shallow breathing. As I sat and breathed I wondered about the guts it took to turn your mind away from these stories. To focus on peace and love was difficult here…but as I diligently did so my outlook changed.

I asked myself the question ‘ How am I suposed to view this tragedy?’ The answer formulated in my mind, an other worldly answer, EXPERIENCE.

This is without judgement on any person involved (because we are all involved even as an audience).

Life is made up of experiences, every second of the day is another experience, we live and we die. We die at different times, at different ages and in different ways. we can judge this all as much as we like, our judgement does not change the fact and we judge according to our own egoic mind and our own culture, and our own interpretation of how we think things should be.

Now this is a horrible thing that happened but it is still an experience, like any experience it had its ups and its downs, it had its pain, its fear and its love. The fact that it ended, or seemed to end in the death of a child makes it no less valid as an experience for all concerned.

The parents in this case have experienced milestones in strength, have developed, changed and creatively endeavoured to make the world safer for others as a result of their personal tragedy (experience).

Anyway the answer that blew into my mind like a perfume was EXPERIENCE.

I walk away from that moment with an even firmer understanding of forgiveness and an even greater determination to turn toward the light rather than swim around in tragedy.

Thinking and living and experiencing in the light naturally and exponentially affects all the strands in the web, one by one.

YES a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tsunami elsewhere, so keep an eye on those thoughts, butterfly’s.

Until next time,

keep breathing





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