What a great statement in mindfulness. “To enter one’s own self, it is necessary to go armed to the teeth.” And Valery was right.

When I stood at the precipice of the end of my false self… when I found myself in the midst of my enlightenment experience… it was almost like I was standing at the edge of a monumental cliff, off which sank a deep dark endless abyss. Cold to the bone, dark as the emptiness of the universe, and as still as death itself. In addition, I was being urged to jump off into the abyss… nay… even being pushed by some unseen hand… off into the unknown.  Off into the cold.  Off into the blackness.  The emptiness.  I was terrified. I was sure I was dying.

Not only was I about to leave everything I thought I was behind me on top of that cliff… shedding my PERSONAL IDENTITY and my understanding of my VERY EXISTENCE on this planet… I was jumping off into something that I knew absolutely nothing about. Was there anything at the bottom of that abyss? Was there anything out there to catch me?  Was I about to be shredded into a billion pieces of nothingness?  Was this the end of my existence?

And so Valery’s quote is dead-on accurate. To enter one’s self you must go armed to the teeth.   But here’s the thing:  You do not go armed with weapons and armor that can defend you as the picture in this post suggests.  That’s just some irony in use there.  No… you go armed to the teeth with an immense amount of COURAGE… enough courage to walk naked… right out of your old self… into whatever unknown it is that becomes your new self.

And it’s then, and only then, that you realize that your potential new self is actually your old self that you forgot existed… your TRUE SELF that you forgot was there… but that you had with you the whole time.  And then… everything becomes okay again.  Better than okay, actually.  Because your Earthly life then becomes bliss.

But up until that moment… it’s terrifying.  So if you do go into your self… go in armed to the teeth.




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