A few days ago we turned over another January 1st, and with it, the marking of a new year.  This time of year is typically the time when people start looking back on the last year of their life, and remember the things they did or did not do, and they look upon the upcoming new year with hope, anticipation, and optimism that this new year will be better than the last one (regardless of how good this last year was).  It is also right about now that they start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, and how they might want to change their life hopefully for the better (Did you make any? Have you already abandoned them?).  “I want to lose weight.” “I want to look for a better job.” “I want to quit smoking.” “I want to spend more time with my kids.” Some people make those changes.  Most don’t.  Statistically, most the people who make changes don’t really stick with them. And time marches on anyway.

But what is so special about January 1st really?  Why is that day so special in comparison to any other individual day of the year?

If you already see what I’m hinting at, you know January 1st is not a really a special day at all.  Sure… the calendar marks the days so that we know when to plant and harvest the crops, and so that we can get our fantasy football picks in on time, and sure… we have to restart the darn thing every now and then when we get around to the same place in our orbit around the sun… because after all… if we were right about here in the universe last year at this time… why wouldn’t we have the date be the same?  But we are not in the same place we were last year. And even if we were, why would restarting the calendar be that a good of a reason to treat is as such a special day and try to initiate life changing actions such as “resolutions”?

Because actually, if you look at it scientifically, we (on our Earth) are no where near where we were in the universe last year at this time.  Yes, we may be right around the same place in our elliptical orbit relative to the sun in our solar system, but the reality of the situation is that our sun is traveling in an orbit around the center of the milky way, which is also hurtling at break-neck speeds through the universe itself.  So in actuality, we are rather far away from where we were in the universe last year at this time.  In fact, the only thing that is similar from last year is our perception of the placement of the sun in the sky.  Besides that, everything else has changed.  Even you. You’re different than you were last year at this time.  Your family and friends are different.  All of society is different.  So why celebrate such a different day like it has any special meaning over the one before it or the one after it?

I propose a different idea.  Instead of treating January 1st as special (or any other individual day for that matter), why can’t every day be special for it’s unique and ever-changing characteristics?  Why can’t we have a blast every day of our existence instead of on just the few days we dictate as holidays?  Why can’t every day be a catalyst for positive change in our lives?  Why can’t every day be celebrated for the special gift it is, with the special opportunities it affords us?

Because the reality of our existence in this crazy universe of ours is that every day is very different than the one before, and every day is indeed special in the fact that… although we happen to be hurtling through the universe on a collision course with literally everything else… we have a place in the universe where on a daily basis we can see the vivid beauty of a sunrise or sunset, and where we can experience the intoxicating fragrance of a fresh bouquet of wildflowers, and where we can feel the warmth of the water rolling down our backs from a hot shower, and where we can taste the juicy sweet explosion from a freshly picked strawberry, and where we can realize and cherish the warmth and affection from an awesome bear-hug of a loved one.

Who needs January 1st to have fun?  Who needs a new calendar to embrace positive change?  That one day ain’t so special.  Not compared to today… whatever day today might be.





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