“World Peace must develop out of inner peace.”  I’m uncertain when or where the Dalai Lama made this statement (and I’m sure if I did a little research I could probably find out).  But why do the research when I have the luxury of being able to not parse the context and historical value of the Lama’s statement… but rather simply explain the concept to you first hand… directly from the “mind of God”?  I’m sure you would rather understand WHY the only path to world peace is inner peace, right?

The idea of world peace is certainly trendy.  I mean… it’s one of the favorite wishes of people at Christmas being interviewed on camera.  And the words “world peace” become popular among children who learn it’s en vogue to put the needs of others before their own needs (which unfortunately doesn’t stick for very long in our consumer economy).  And of of course there are those peace activist who don’t understand the real world peace equation who look to facilitate those “one day of peace” movements across the globe (thinking that somehow 1} they will be successful getting the message and the agreement to comply down into the depths of the Congo where mass murders happen daily, and 2} that the effort to reason with people to put down arms for a day will actually make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

But here’s the reality of world peace:  It is now… and will continue in perpetuity to be… impossible to attain world peace unless it is sourced from the deep wellspring of inner peace within the majority of individuals on the planet.

Let me explain that.

All war and violence on Earth now, throughout history, and forever more is 100% sourced from the exact same individual actuator… the ego within the mind.  It is the ego within the mind that makes attachments to ideas that then need to be defended through violent action if necessary.  It is the attachment to religion.  The attachment to power or the yearning for it.  The attachment to wealth or the psychological need of it.  The attachment to a type of political governance.  The attachment to ideals.  The attachment to have everyone else thinking like you do.  It is the attachments of the mind that make up a man’s mindful understanding of existence, a.k.a. the ego, that causes all rifts in the fabric of peace.  And it is this same ego that causes the inner strife within us, and the problems within our relationships.  “He shouldn’t have said that to me.”  “The other political party sucks.  I hate that they are in power.” “There are getting to be too many [ethnicity] in this neighborhood.”

And that is why it is only inner peace that can lead to world peace.  Because it is only at the point where people (or at least the leaders of the world) are able to release the needs and attachments of their respective egos, that the need for things to be a certain way are forgotten, and the best possible solutions for all can be divined.  It is only at the point where people cease to require satisfaction of egoic wants and needs within their own minds that the symptomatic causes of conflict to defend those preferences no longer are generated.  For it is at the moment of enlightenment that the ego ceases to have power within the mind, and the need for self gets replaced by the need to help others.  It is at the moment of enlightenment that the wants and needs of the mind are relinquished to the grand majestic beauty of awe inspiring spiritual-human existence.  And it is at the moment of ego death, that true world peace becomes truly attainable.

If all the population within the Congo, some of whom walk around killing indiscriminately for control over mines and territory, or for religious and racial reasons, or for retainment of power reasons… if those folks were to suddenly become enlightened and experience an ego death which voided them of the mindful attachments that are driving their current actions… all violence in the Congo would cease immediately.  Period.

Because the simple fact is that if enlightenment eventually happens on a grand scale, and you do not have the large groups of minds that agree to attach to ideas such as patriotism, specific religions, economic well-being, or other… who is left to fight for the cause?  No one.  And it’s at that point that world peace becomes a very real possibility for us.

Thus, this is why inner peace is the ONLY way to attain world peace.

The alternative of trying to get people to attach to the “right” ideas, or the “right” religion, or the “right” political model, or the “right” economic system flowchart… that doesn’t break the base system that’s causing the problem of violence in the first place -> the attachments of the egoic mind.  That old school approach only attempts to feed the egoic monster with the variables that will try to align everyone to the same cause.  And that never works. Because the problem is that egoic monster eats indiscriminately at its own will, and can ignore the food you give it.  The monster must be killed completely for world peace to be realistic.

It’s only at the moment of that monster’s death, that the truth of spiritual existence can be freed from beneath that monster’s feet.  It’s only at the moment of the ego’s death that the attachments of mind can be released, and all personal need to defend the false self get thrown out the window, and your true compassion for others shines through.

How can you be dropping bombs on people if you are at that moment worried about how to feed them?  World peace is attainable.  But only through your own (and others’) inner peace.  Maybe we should create a new nation that transcends current borders.  Maybe we should form an Enlightened Nation, where old borders will eventually be forgotten, and the attainment of world peace will then more easily become a reality.

What do you think?




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