The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.

~Yasutani Roshi

The false self mentioned in Episode 0002 is what causes the illusions that you are separated from me, and everyone else on the planet.  Illusions?  Yes, illusions.  Our minds identify our bodies as who we are, which we see as separate from others.  And our minds also identify our egos as who we are, which are also separate from others. But these are the illusions of the false self.

But the true Self resides within the Spirit, which transcends both the body and the mind, and is boundless.  The Spirit that is the true Self is shared and intertwined between all life, and makes you inseparable from me or anyone else on the planet, even from a ‘Self’ perspective.

But our egos resist this idea.  It rejects that we are all connected… all sharing of the same life energy.  Instead it insists that we are all separate… all different… all special.  Our ego tries to insist that we are individuals… with specific characteristics that make us unique from others… with one of a kind thoughts and feelings that are deserving of acknowledgement.

But the big truth that every enlightened master tried to teach us over the last 5000 plus years is that the mind creates a false self that keeps us from the realization of the true Self.  When we uncover that true Self through the process of discovering it for ourselves, we come to the dramatic realization that we are in fact… all one in Spirit.  And this is the truth behind the thought that you are not separated from me and everyone else.  It isn’t that I am you or that you are me… but that we are both simply a piece of God which makes up and constantly creates the entire universe.




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