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[ST] Today, we’re going to reveal one of the big secrets we’ve been hiding behind that curtain up until now. I’m just kidding. It hasn’t really been behind that curtain. But it IS a big secret… and it’s coming up. GO!


[ST] Welcome to the I AM Podcast, where we answer all the questions about spirituality and inner peace that you ever wanted to ask, and where we learn the secrets of humanity and divinity through a better understanding of both. I am your host, Sean Webb.

[BT] Okay… so… It’s time to talk about the third and final section of the Body Mind Spirit model that we have not yet covered… the one that is the reason why we’re all watching this podcast in the first place… the one for which this podcast is named, even… and that section of the model… that subject… is the Spirit.

[FR] [@] Spirituality is all about the search for the Spirit within us, the alignment of our minds with the conscious awareness that comes from discovering Spirit… and the daily attempt to exist thereafter from within the consciousness of that Spiritual portion within us.

[BT] We all have a human existence that includes a body and a mind, and most of us believe that we also have a portion of existence that is of an other-than-body and other-than-mind nature.

[FC] And I’m here to confirm for you that we do… I’ve found it and experienced it first hand, and this sloooow process is designed to help you find it and experience it also.

[BT] And so believing that it is there… we search for it in our lives. We read books. We listen to others. We follow a religion… or three… during the course of our lives. But the problem is… that the Spirit… is a really tough thing to find sometimes. We’ve had religions for thousands of years that have tried to teach us the path to finding Spirit… and yet we look out into the world and see… well over 95% of the population walking around still not enlightened to the Spiritual existence within them… I’m guessing it’s even 99% plus.

[RST] And that’s not really the fault of our religions… it’s the fault that the Spirit… is really REALLY tough to discover within us. Because as humans… we have three components that come together to make up our human existence… [@] they are the Body… the Mind… AND the Spirit… but in our human lives… the conscious attention we put into our Bodies and our Minds… keeps us from discovering the Spiritual portion of that Holy Trinity.

[RSM] Because what happens in that Body Mind Spirit model… is that the squeaky wheel… gets the grease of our mind’s attention. When our bodies are making noise about wanting to eat… or that this or that hurts… or that we’d really like to have sex with that person so as to propagate the species… we are not paying attention to Spirit. When the mind is making noise about how we feel about this or that… or what we think about this or that… or how this thing over here should have been different… we are not paying attention to Spirit.

[FL] And so what winds up happening within us… is that we go our whole lives sometimes without ever finding Spirit within. And that is a shame.

[FR] [@] Because the Spirit within us… THAT is where the magic is. THAT is what holds the secrets to all of life… that man has been constantly searching for since the beginning of time.

[RSM] The Spirit is the portion of human existence within us that holds all knowledge of existence from within the Spiritual intelligence… it’s what generates the capacity to feel compassion and unconditional love… it’s what generates the connectedness between us and all other living creatures and indeed the whole universe… it’s what provides the life energy for our cells to interact with us in a way that creates our human existence… it’s what provides the foundational existence of joy… and is what ultimately delivers us inner peace when our mind refuses to do so… and it is the immortal existence within us that after we find it… we are no longer afraid of body and mind death… and can truly understand the meaning of the phrase ever-lasting life.

[RST] There is a reason that you find religion and spiritual beliefs everywhere in the world… because finding the Spirit… is an awesome and life changing experience… and it transforms a pained and suffering emotional roller coaster life into an existence of eternal bliss both after… AND BEFORE… death.

[RSM] But here’s the first catch… the reason that so many of us have not… and seem to not be able to find the Spirit within us… is because we are too focused on the noise that our bodies and our minds are making. Which is in part why I’ve started this podcast out with the explanation Body Mind Spirit model. Because if you don’t know the details about how the blockers to you finding Spirit works… you’ll die never having found it.

[EC] And the second catch is that the Spirit needs to be experienced… to be understood.

[ST] The Spirit is something we each need to discover for ourselves to understand. The Spirit is NOT something we can reason our way into. It’s not something we can intellectualize, or analyze, or anALogize into reality within our minds. It’s not something which we can learn through studying. It’s not something about which we can read about in a book… or listen about in some podcast… so as to fully understand it.

[EC] Spirit is something that needs to be EXPERIENCED to be fully understood.

[BT] And let’s take the cover off that little secret all the way, shall we? Because that statement… that you need to experience Spirit… is where many MANY Spiritual teachers stop… to the ill-effect of their students understanding. Because when I say Spirit is something which needs to be experienced… I’m not talking some nebulous touchy feely… did you feel it… I think so… experience. I’m talking a holy shit I just got hit by a Mack truck of Spirit and there is no question that God exists… because I just met God. I’m talking about an awakening so powerful that it jars your very perception of the world and the universe, and destroys all the illusions that you’ve clung to since the first thing you learned on this planet. I’m talking about an experience of spirit where you see and hear the infinite that exists beyond what your eyes and ears could even dream of capturing. I’m talking about experiencing the intelligent energy of life itself to a point where you see and understand how God put it all together… and you understand WHY God put it all together. I’m talking about an experience where you can see those answers from the first person perspective. Because THAT experience… exists. It IS possible for you, and fuck possible… it is MEANT for you. The enlightened poet Rumi said back in the thirteenth century, “What you are seeking is seeking you”… and he was right… God seeks to commune with you directly. You do NOT need some guy up in front of a congregation preaching to you… you need you… the knowledge that a direct connection to God is possible… and you need some time. Time to make it happen.

[RST] Because THAT type of Spiritual experience is a true mystical occurrence. THAT is what grants the understanding of the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke about so frequently and why he said even to the Pharisees in Luke 17 the Kingdom is within you. THAT is what was meant when the Prophet Muhammed said “He who knows himself knows God”. THAT is what Lao Tzu and the Buddha were talking about when they spoke about enlightenment. THAT is what is meant by becoming Atman and meeting Brahman in the Hindu tradition.

[FR] An experience of Spirit of THAT magnitude is what destroys the egoic attachments that cause all the pain and suffering in your life. An experience of Spirit of THAT magnitude is what completely and permanently realigns your mind’s understanding to that which you were… before you were born… and that which you will be again after your death.

[FC] THAT experience of Spirit is what causes permanent and lasting inner peace. And yes, it has been rare up to this point, but it is my purpose on this Earth to change that. I will not tell you who gave me that job… because you’re going to know soon enough.

[BT] Okay… so… the Spirit is something that must be experienced, and the path upon which we are traveling… is one where you will not only better understand the concept of spiritual enlightenment… where we learn that God wants us to reach out and know the truth via connecting with God directly… where we learn and understand the illusions of our minds’ existence and how those things remove and distance us from finding that truth… but also one where you may some day… if you are disciplined… if you want it more than life itself… and if you take what you learn here regarding the practical path of discovery… and you employ it… you will eventually become enlightened.

[FC] Now… you don’t have to become enlightened of course… or even strive to. You can wait until like Bill Murray in Caddy shack where on your deathbed… you will receive… total… consciousness… so ya got that goin’ for ya… which is nice.

[RST] Or you can claim that consciousness BEFORE you die, and in the process be able to exist without pain and suffering in your life… without emotional ups and downs… where you will be able to give unconditional love openly to your family and friends… where you will be able to forgive people willingly and gratefully, regardless of what their tresspass was… where you will not need the approval of others in your life to live your life the way you want to because you have God’s approval directly… where you can have the confidence to live life without fear, including no longer having a dear of death… and if you don’t have a fear of death, how could you have fears of other things… fear of getting emotionally hurt in a relationship… fear of failing at trying new things so you don’t try them… fear of speaking in front of people… those things don’t exist post enlightenment.

[EC] And you can claim those benefits in THIS life. You can enter the kingdom in the HERE and NOW. But you gotta WANT it.

[RST] You have to WANT it for yourself so badly you can taste it. You gotta want to meet God and experience Spirit so desperately… that it becomes a top priority in your life. There’s a story of a Student who came to a Master who was standing next to a stream and said… I want to be enlightened. The Master drug the student into the water and plunged his head below the surface and held him there forcefully until the student had almost passed out. Then he pulled him up out of the water… the student gasping for breath. The Master said… when you want enlightenment as much as you wanted to take a breath just then, come back to me.

[FC] Yeah… you think God just introduced Himself to just anyone? He WILL introduce Himself to anyone, but you gotta want it.

[BT] You gotta do the things that bring that experience about. THAT is the only way you are ever gonna know Spirit, and it’s the only way you’re ever going to heal yourself of the pain and suffering in your life, it’s the only way that you are going to find the answers to the questions that you are looking for, and it’s the only way you are ever going to be able to share unconditional love with all those around you. Yes, it is said, seek and ye shall find, but Jesus also said small is the gate and narrow is the way, which leads to life and few there be that find it.

[FC] You gotta want it. Most people don’t want it. And many of those who do… are being led by blind religious leaders who don’t know how to get them there. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

[ST] If you want to find Spirit, it can happen for you. And it’s truly a life changing experience when it does happen. Your body heals faster. Emotional pain and suffering ends. And awesome things start happening for you in your life without you even asking. In fact the only prayer you are ever prompted to offer up any more… is “thank you”. “Thank you.” We will get you there if you are truly on board.

[FC] If not, you might as well stop looking, because you ain’t ready for Spirit yet. Spirit transcends space and time, and drops an anvil on your ego… it’s a scary thing for your ego to experience. It doesn’t want to find your Spirit, and will coax you out of searching for it every chance it gets.

[BT] But we will teach you how to reach out over the boundaries of the body and mind and make this attainable for you if you really want it, and your life WILL be transformed. Belie-dat. Okay… onto our homework.


[FR] Homework for this week is to meditate 5 times this week, and while you are doing so… reach out from within you into the Universe… and try to sense the universe around you. Your Spirit exists beyond the bounds of both your body and your mind, so when you reach our beyond them, you are closer to Spirit than you even have been.

[BT] Then… download the beautifully written audio book “Voice of Knowledge, a Practical Guide to Inner Peace”, by Don Miguel Ruiz. You can get it free for signing up for our 14 day free trial with Audible at AudibleTrial com / IAMSpirituality. The first few chapters alone are worth the price of entry on this book, but if you sign up at our link, you can get it for FREE. Miguel talks about the voice of the Prince of Lies within us, and the way to create our life from Love… it’s awesome, and it’s just one of 85,000 titles you can download for free at Audible if you sign up for the free trial at AudibleTrial com / IAMSpirituality.

[FR] Next week… we’re gonna talk about the Universality of Meditation and the Multiple Disciplines That Lead to Enlightenment. You wanna go where no other spiritual teacher has ever taken you… tune into THAT!

[ST] Beyond that… I am grateful for your attention, because as we increase spiritual consciousness, we improve the world, and more numerous manifestations of inner peace will eventually foster world peace… which is my goal for within the next 500 years. Write us a review at iTunes if you haven’t already… and if you know someone who wants more out of their Spiritual search… share this episode. Know that I love you even though I don’t know you… all of you… and if you allow me to, I will see you next week. Peace.



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