Hello Beautiful Soul,

The sweet, blend of life that surrounds me touches my soul to the degree that I am left wordless….

I have been abandoned here in the midst of magic to absorb and appreciate the power of universal manifestation.

There are many timely, topics I could cover today and my next article will tackle something emotionally devastating and difficult to comprehend; my views/philosophy will be contraversial to some, unsettling to many and freeing to the consciously evolving.

But, for now I choose too revel in the absolute magnificence of the weave I AM, the connection I feel to the world before me; the world I have created as one with all.

In this moment I am witness to the best humanity has to offer. Complete peace, where even the cars and trucks that trundle by are no more than a breath of spirit and I belong like a flower on the Cherry Blossom tree.

We can all access this truth; the truth beyond words. It is in the willingness to relax body and mind and in doing so allow the self to shapeshift, to become the air we are breathing.

In this state there is no wrong. You simply exist as you were always meant to be and everything is no more than an experience that dabbles on the edge of illusion.

Yesterday my friend’s baby lay dying, the pain we all experienced upon hearing this news was debilitating and felt very real. It seemed for a moment there was little hope.

We put a request out via social media and across the universal, telephonic waves of conscious connection, for help.

We did not ask for tears or sympathy, we didn’t broadcast the hopelessness we may have felt. We asked for a response of joy, we asked for all to imagine the little girl sitting up, laughing and breathing easily. We asked everyone to envision the situation as they would CHOOSE it to be.

Overnight she unexpectedly stabilized and today she is smiling and breathing again.

Our power lies in the realisation that we are ONE creative, powerful being. That through conscious awareness of this oneness, focus on light and relaxed connection to our natural, God intended, manifestation powers, we can join with the highest good to confirm life and unfold the world of our dreams.

I have no doubt that if it was time for the baby to leave her body according to her agenda as a powerful entity, then THAT would have been the outcome and in fact on some level, a celebration of a different kind would have occurred.

As far as an example of our human input as co-creators with ALL THAT IS, the outcome here is AWESOME!

Stop. Look around and see the miracles- let yourself be swept up in th fascinating, ambiguity of life- Unfurl your wings, release your power.

Breathe out and FLY!

Until next time.

deep love and connection,







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