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“You’re like the Dalai Lama next door!” ~Rob S


“Wow, I get it now!  You did what Tolle, Dyer, Chopra, and others couldn’t – which is get through to ME.” ~David C


“In a word… Awesome! You bring together all the spiritual readings of Dyer and the spiritual reading of St. Ignatius of Loyola in a no non-sense, easy to understand manner. LOVE THEM and have recommended them to numerous friends. They have helped my perspective on work and in dealing with the challenges of raising a blind daughter and as a caregiver for my Mom. May the Lord bless you in your passion and mission.” ~Joe M


“Love, love LOVE the podcasts. I keep starting over because there is so much information that I don’t want to miss anything.” ~Myra R


“You’re my new #1 teacher.” ~Celine L


“Thank you so much for “The Me” tool (episode 6).  I struggle with my self talk and now know that it is the “me” – it has helped redirect and diffuse it.” ~Nancy B


“I love your podcasts.  They are wonderfully uplifting and inspiring.  I just wanted to thank you.  Lots of cheers!” ~Cat from Sydney Australia


“Along with Wilbur and Ruiz, and others who write from mindful methods, and Kabat-Zinn, Tolle, and others who write from meditative methods, YOU, Mr. Webb, teach from both, and are very much appreciated.” ~David J


“I love your podcasts and I am a big fan!  I love what you have to say and you make the information enjoyable to watch!” ~Michelle A


“Ever since I have started watching your videos and I have experienced an increased understanding of my mind and how it works.  Lately I have been feeling a strong ability to step out of my mind. I feel like I have been existing a lot more frequently in an area where I can still think, but more often feel. I don’t mean feel as in the roller coaster of emotions that come with having an ego, but rather a constant deep feeling of warmth and calmness that I feel radiates from me.” ~Kelly C


“I loaded up episodes 2 through 25 on my ipod.  I went to a beach in Michigan and listened to your podcast while relaxing.  All I have to say is WOW!!  You’re great!  I just came back and I wanted to start reading all your blogs that accompanied each segment. I believe that I got as far as the two monks and the one helping the beautiful girl across the mud.  I thought they were fantastic.” ~John G


“Surrendering the ego, ‘the me’, is something I wish I could simply decide to do, to let go and let God completely, however any stress or threat to my ego makes it ‘kick in’. My best thinking, my ego, led me to many years of addiction and I am slowly recovering from this spiritual illness in a twelve step program (AA). The concepts and ideas you share in your videos make a great deal of sense to me.” ~John


“I Love what you’ve done.  You’ve help “the me” immensely.  Your teachings are so very significant, as are Dyer’s and Tolle’s. Also, your style is excellent and extremely relevant . Please keep us informed. We do need the guidance of these teachings. Namaste.” ~David


“I have wanted to be enlightened from when I was 19 and joined Nichiren Shoshu – a Japanese Buddhist sect.  I have also read the Maharaj Nisaragata’s “I am That”, many of the Books of Dr. Hawkins, I am following Tolle on his monthly web stuff and found your stuff from a free ebook (I think Seth Grodin).  Your stuff seems more interesting if only that it is more real and that you actually say the F word and then bleep it.  What I thought you would do is show us how you became enlightened and how we can do the same.  Knowing why I become angry – which actually I am Aware of that and can usually watch it as an observer especially driving in traffic– is important to me.  I also want to know how I can advance my spirituality to make a difference in myself and thus the world.  YOU have done it!!!  Keep helping us to do the same.  Thanks for being there!” ~Jim


“I just viewed your episodes 19 and 20 from your I AM podcast, and I was totally blown away.  After years of searching through countless books and all over the internet, I FINALLY, FINALLY found someone who experienced what I experienced 13 years ago. Thank you so much for sharing the details of your enlightenment experience during your episodes 19 and 20, as your description with the Godhead seems very much like my own – I felt as though I KNEW what you were going to be saying next as you described each step and part of your experience, and I could sense you getting choked with emotion as you told your story. I always have to fight back the emotions of my experience whenever I tell of it, as all the feelings/sensations do come flooding back whenever I think of it or speak of it. ~Craig

“I am a big fan of yours! I enjoy each episode and I can’t wait for the next!” ~Michelle A


“I’ve been subscribing your podcast from the beginning and really enjoy it. I believe that many people are being helped to find a peace in their lives.” ~Ben H


“Your videos, the things you’ve brought to my attention and allowed me to focus on and contemplate have completely changed my life. I am a massage therapist and all day my clients open up to me about the “stresses” in their lives and how they are overwhelmed. I often refer them to your videos so that they may experience this revelation for themselves.” ~Ray S


“I just watched the episode where you share your experience of enlightenment. Thanks for that, it was inspiring.  I don’t recall ever hearing anyone describe such an experience before, and it is nice to know the experience is dramatic enough to be undeniable.  It gives me hope to hear about your experience and how joyful it was.  I’ve been working in southern Afghanistan for the last 10 months and I’ve learned a lot in that time.  The experience has made me more understanding, more compassionate, more sophisticated in dealing with my fellow human beings.  THANK YOU!”  ~Mike B



“I just wanted to say thanks for putting the time and effort into IAMSpirituality.com  Its been very useful in building a stronger understanding of the body mind spirit model and how it all works. I have experienced the oneness and all the different sections of the spirit. However I had the experience a few years ago and then seemed to get thrown right back into the ego and what a rough ride its been to finding some sort of balance. I look forward to watching more episodes(I’m up to ep 6 so far) of your great podcast.”  ~Jordan R


“Thanks for putting this podcast together and getting it out there.  Episodes 1-20 where a great help getting me back to normal day to day life after a rough stint in the army.”  ~Jesse S


“I am a fan of yours and listened to many of your pod casts. I’m a middle aged housewife and mom of 3. I’m interested in all things spiritual but I’m not a woo woo far out type (just thought I’d clarify).  Thank you for all you do!” ~Allison S


“Great to have you back!!!”  ~Jeff C  (The I AM Podcast took a 6 month break to complete a white paper for PhDs at GA Tech and MIT, which became the book, “How Emotions Work in Humans and Computers”)


“Hey, great to see your video for the first time. The me is sure it’ll be learning plenty of awareness shifting from you :)” ~Stephane G


“I just started listening to your podcasts and they are awesome!!” ~William C


“I’m a big fan of yours from the far east (China). Just want to tell you how much I love your work!” ~Wenquin Qiu


“I have not watched any of the shows (more of a reader), but your commentary on each of the tao te ching chapters receives well with me.” ~Thomas O


“I watch your podcasts and feel that you have a very firm grasp on spirituality. Thank you for your insight!” ~Michael B


“Something is shifting a great deal. I am seeing bits of Truth. It is still a bit cerebral, but the understanding that the world around me and my “self” are only seen because I think they are there has shown itself… Each thought I have I realize is not mine. They just appear… Wow Sean…it seems so simple now. Sticking with it. Not owning or believing thoughts is so freakin’ powerful.   Oh my gosh… I am getting the connectedness of ALL!  What is happening? WOW! LOL” ~Jayde L  

Editor’s note: This message was just one of many from Jayde during a 54 hour block from her first finding the I AM site and watching some videos, to employing some private coaching with Sean, through to complete awakening.  The next email followed the above email less than 10 minutes later.)




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