Hi Everyone!

What a BEAUTIFUL day it is today in Australia. The world really IS a marvellous place.

I thought I would bring this article over from another blog of mine to share with you. It is a short story that examines success and the little resistances we may have lurking in our minds that can serve to keep success just beyond our fingertips!

It began with a dream, I was a golden, female eagle, with an enormous wingspan, flying high, soaring powerfully through the sky.

When without warning, I, dressed as my partner (a male), stepped up and shot at me,

 I fell from the sky, looming larger and larger as I approached the earth.

I turned to the hunter (me) ‘Are you happy’ I said ‘you have killed this wonderful being for no reason other than your lack of consciousness.’

I, as the hunter, hung my head in shame, wanting nothing more than to take back my unconscious action and restore the beautiful, golden eagle to its former glory.

When I awoke I wrote down the dream and allowed my thoughts to flow onto the page, insights came thick and fast!

This dream tells me that as I soar to my potential success I have activated an unconscious sabotage program within my psyche.
A program that perceives the role of woman as ‘stay at home’ and ‘to be provided for rather than enter the ‘man’s domain’ of money and power.
I realise in the modern age it may seem ridiculous to see the world of money and power as the male domain, but we’re talking GENERATIONS of familial and social programming that is still highly active in the unconscious of both men and women today.

Happily my dream was so vivid and memorable as to be unmistakable, bringing to conscious awareness my sabotage programming.

There is no-one else to blame anymore, the saga has been playing to long. To blame is to distract from the more important job of witnessing the self and changing the programming for a better life.

Now is the time to take every opportunity to bring balance to our lives, to clean up old sabotaging ideas and soar to even greater heights than we have ever been capable of before!

I suggest we open our hearts and minds with a strong intention to become self-aware.

An affirmation such as ‘I AM becoming more and more aware of who I really AM everyday’ can help to activate the mind and open doorways to self awareness.

Becoming self-aware is an awesome step in the direction of success and happiness.

Knowing who you are, what programming you have running in your mind is essential if you would like to create something different for yourself. Understanding what you are thinking that is holding you back gives you the option to de-activate those sabotaging thoughts by choosing new ones to think.

The next bit is being diligent in re-programming your mind to think these new supportive thoughts. That’s simply a matter of remembering to breathe, coming into the now and stating your new thoughts and affirmations over and over again until your mind naturally travels in that direction!

The exciting thing about this is not only does it work, it is quite easy to teach the children. Children have less old programming than adults and are generally more open to embracing a positive outlook.

GOOD, so let’s teach our future leaders to THINK WELL and taste their success!

Until next time,

keep breathing,




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