Wrong and right are always subjective.

If I had no food for my family and couldn’t see a means to acquire food then of course I would resort to stealing to feed them.

The deeper question for me is ‘How is it that we have allowed the world to get to the stage where we would allow anyone of us to starve?’ And ‘When do we make the choice to change the way we think in order to rectify this situation?’

It is up to each one of us to privately explore and adjust our values so that in our hearts and minds, no matter the circumstance every human is family and no man should starve.

Once we see our clear connection to everyone we will naturally teach that energy in our lives and those we meet are then given the option to adjust their values and so on.

This is called exponential, conscious expansion!

It is pointless to try and force people to care for themselves and family in a certain way, but by cleaning up our own thoughts and judgements, our love for each other becomes stronger and more obvious.

When people feel loved and worthwhile they cannot help but move in a positive direction. When Human Beings are filled with feelings of love and gratitude, they evolve.

Activating the sense of love throughout our lives, personally and globally is the healing that Earth and it’s people needs to initiate the emotional intelligence necessary to care for the self and family productively and with integrity.

So let’s not judge others and their reasons for doing the things they do, let us instead see the world in a positive light and give love where we can.

When I feel loved I tend to be loving, trustworthy and open to the creative flow of life, so if we have love to spare (and when we are relaxed and connected to the source LOVE is unlimited) we need to open our minds and let it flow.

Everyone deserves the chance to feel loved, one moment can change a lifetime.

Give and let live,

until next time, keep breathing,




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