Okay so… today I am going to cheat a little bit read you oppose that I wrote… so these are my thoughts about a press release that was just put out yesterday regarding the fact that quantum physics is now beginning to prove that time doesn’t exist through causal relations… where the example in the article is that Event A can cause Event B, which in reality can also cause the original Event A in the first place. This completely breaks down the Newtonian physics concept of time and how things can be ordered in the universe on a timeline.

A number of podcast ago I explained my experience of enlightenment, which by itself sounded crazy to many people who aren’t knowledgeable about consciousness expansion, but then as if that weren’t enough, I also explained some pretty advanced concepts that I was seemingly able to understand as a result of that experience, which then seemed even crazier to the folks listening. Why did it sound crazy? Because included in that explanation of some rather scientific stuff was the fact that during the moments where I was able to understand everything in the universe, one of the things that I was ill bring back an experience was that I perceived time to be an illusion. In short, I learned that time is something that doesn’t really exist.

And to cut the chase, it seems that science is quick attaching up with that reality of that perception, and in fact is on the cusp of proving it. Below is a press release from a number of PhD’s at universities in Vienna and Brussels that is a precursor to an article being published in Nature Communications that is scientific evidence that the constraints of time and order break down in the quantum physics environment that creates… well… that creates us. You and me as humans.

If you think about it, in our real life time doesn’t exist. We can perceive what we invent to be ideas of time, but the reality is when were thinking about things in the past, were thinking about them now. When we’re thinking about things that may happen in the future, were thinking about those things now.

The reality is now is infinite. Now never goes away. And it is only our minds that can create the concept of time. Now… Newtonian science does utilize time as a variable and can predict things at certain times based on how the Newtonian physics works, but Newtonian physics is built of the quantum mechanics underneath Newtonian physics, and thus is subject to its rules or non-rules, and the reality is in the quantum physics realm, time doesn’t exist.

And so the fact is what you and are made of is stuff that is beyond time. Now, think about that for a second.

The things that come together to create you and me are beyond Newtonian physics. They are beyond time. They are beyond space. They are beyond the things that we perceive in our minds. They’re spooky actions at a distance. And so those scientific realities are part of us. And they can come together and explain things like our spirituality (or what we perceive to be our spirituality).

So that place that we exist within when we’re meditating… there us scientific basis for that. There is scientific basis for the timelessness existence that we perceive when we are in our awakened state. When time stops… we’re actually experiencing the reality of our universe and how it actually exists. How cool is that?

What I will end with before sharing this release with you is that what you have been told about your own existence… even from the perspective of your own eyes… even from the perspective of your own senses… what you’ve been told about your existence and what you believe about your existence is actually a fallacy. And your mind does hold the key to open the door to learning the deeper truth.

You too can experience enlightenment. And that’s what this whole podcast is all about. It’s an existence an experience that is there for everyone. I’m not special. The Dalai Lama is not special. He even told you as much… “I am just another man,” he says. Gandhi’s not special. None of the enlightened masters are special. We simply experienced something that you haven’t yet. And so what this podcast is all about is giving you the basics to be able to go find it for yourself.

I don’t want you to believe a word I say. I want you to figure it out for yourself because the reality is I can’t explain to you… what it feels like dip your hand in warm twirling water. It would take a lifetime of analogies to be able to explain it to you. And even if we got close, you still wouldn’t know what it felt like for you to dip your hand in warm swirling water. You might understand what it felt like for me… with the exception of when YOU actually dip your hand into warm swirling water… BANG… instant understanding. Epiphany. At that moment you understand it perfectly, beyond any explanation I could ever communicate.

That’s I want for you.

And so you too can understand enlightenment and understand the universe, and your existence in it… better than any quantum physicist on the planet. And I think is your responsibility to yourself and to humanity to do so. Because with your awakening… that aligns you with Universal Intelligence… the universe reality… the ultimate truth… and your vibrational energy – your turning into that frequency – allows others to tune in to that frequency, because as quantum mechanics is telling us… were entangled with everything all of the universe. Over 13.7 billion years (or 13.4). And so your existence which is 99.9999% space and rest energy… you’re entangled all over the place. And so with the changes that you create, you create changes everywhere.

And that’s awesome.

So as make sure your changes are in a positive direction go read the press release on It’s under the title “Cause and Effect Are No Longer In Effect” and it’s basically precursor to the article to be released.

I’ll talk you next week hope you guys are having a great week. Peace.



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