The message from Horace is as old as time. Rule your mind or it will rule you. And it’s the truth.

The mind is the place that creates all our attachments.  And our attachments then become a part of our ego (our mind’s understanding of our world).  Our ego feeds into the Equation of Emotion as a required variable, and when that equation shifts out of balance, it becomes the source of all our pain and suffering in our lives.

So… remove the attachment of the mind… you remove the ego from the equation… and voila… no more pain and suffering.  Boop!  Problem solved.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Right.  So why can’t we all just make that transition and rid ourselves of pain and suffering permanently, and exist in a state of Nirvana every remaining moment of our lives?  It’s because of the characteristic that the brain has to help us survive longer as human creatures here on Earth.

The mind and the brain are different things.  We don’t often think about it, but the brain is a 3 pound mass of LIVING, BREATHING, THINKING, CREATING… CREATURES… who come together in a symbiotic formation in our heads to help the body operate for the longest time possible so as to reproduce more cells (it’s why they influence us to think about sex all the time).  But the mind… the mind is something else altogether.

The mind is two main things.  First, it’s the experience that we have because of the brain being there.  Second, it’s the interface between our consciousness and the consciousness of the cells in the brain.

The brain is designed to help us survive.  It’s designed to help us figure stuff out as humans during our time here on Earth.  It remembers information, it helps define our environment so that we can figure out how to survive within that environment.  It helps us understand that fire can kill us and should be respected, but that it can also be utilized to cook dinner.  And it helps us learn that while we may be able to jump over a 5 foot hole in the ground, we may have problems with a six foot hole that we could fall into and die.  So when our minds make a definition of something in our world… it takes a pretty serious stance on wanting to prove that definition to be accurate, as that if something in the world isn’t defined properly… it could literally kill you.

Now… enter the ego.  The ego is the mind’s understanding of you.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  It’s the laundry list of things you’ve attached to that become your mind’s definition of you.  It’s your body, your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideas, your family, your friends, your mindful affiliations.  And it comes about… because of the tendency of the brain and the mind to need to understand and quantify the world.  And as part of the “defining the world” charter… it attempts to define YOU (a portion of that world).

And this is where our minds run off the rails a little bit.

Because as that the mind tries to define you… and the pattern of the mind is to constantly analyze and support it’s definitions within the mind for accuracy… it starts taking up a lot of cycles to analyze and support its definitions of you… otherwise known as your ego.  “Are you calling me fat?  I may have a few extra pounds to lose, but I don’t know that ‘fat’ is an accurate statement to use in defining me.”  Anger occurs.  “What if I get on this plane and it crashes into the ground?  Will I be remembered?”  Fear.  “Grandma died.  I gotta take interacting with Grandma out of my definition of my world.”  A devaluation… and sadness occurs.  Etc., etc., etc.

And left unchecked… the mind falls into a pattern of preferring that its understanding of you be proven accurate, and constantly checking over, and over, and over again that it is.  So this chews up a lot of cycles.  And then when something comes up to question the accuracy of it’s perceived definition of you (like an external challenge that results in anger – Episode 0011, or an internal devaluation that results in sadness – Episode 0013, or an internal uncertainty that results in fear – Episode 0014), the mind reacts rather violently by creating a negative emotion that becomes the result.

And beyond the constant checking to see “is my me still okay?”  “Is my me still okay?”…  it does this emotional reaction process to challenges and changes to that ‘me’ over, and over, and over again also.  And so your mind winds up wasting all your mind’s time fighting thousands of illusory battles… and this happens because your mind is running amok like a spoiled two year old who has no parental supervision.

So what can we do?  How can we stop this process?  Well… we need to take Horace’s advice.  We need to rule our minds before they are left to rule us.  And understanding the creation of human emotion is one of the first steps in that process.  If you are new to understanding the slow motion process of how human emotions are created within the mind, start at Episode 0004.  Or… if you prefer… find your education elsewhere.  But one thing is for sure:  YOU NEED TO EDUCATE YOURSELF!  AND RULE YOUR MIND! Because unless you do, your mind will undoubtedly and assuredly rule you… and it will bring nothing but unnecessary pain and suffering into your life in the process.

Please don’t let that happen.  Because when that happens within YOUR mind… you can do nothing but spread pain and suffering to others also without even knowing it.






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