Okay, here it is. This is the image that a Facebook intern created when he analyzed the connections that Facebook users have between each other, as cross-referenced to where they are on the map.

It’s a beautiful image. And it is representative of not only where people are in the world, but basically also where people are sharing love with each other. And I thought I would share this image because in reality, it is also indicative of a deeper truth.

Before we are born, we come from a mass of wonderfully positive and creative energy. Our bodies get formed, and a portion of that energy begins to interact with our bodies to become the individual human we see in the mirror. The mind, which is a result of the brain’s functionality to define and predict our environment so that continued cellular survival may occur, creates a definition for our identities that by default becomes separate from one another. Thus, our minds ultimately create an illusion that we are not all still the same wonderfully positive and creative mass of energy that makes up the entire universe. Our minds create a perception that we exist as individuals, separate from each other. Our minds tell us we are divided, alone in our actions, alone in our thoughts, and alone in our existence as a whole. But the secret is that a more profound truth underlies that illusion.

The reality is that we are still all a part of that wonderfully positive and creative energy that constantly creates all existence. And one of the secrets of a blissful life is hidden within the ability to reconnect with that wonderfully positive and creative energy. Reconnecting with that energy is the basis for almost all the world’s religions. Reconnecting with that energy is a motivating factor within many ‘unconscious’ human actions. I believe that the drive to reconnect may even be hardwired into our genetic coding, as that not only do numerous scientific studies point to the fact that we may have a natural compassion pushing us from within, but simply stated a compassionate reconnected state is also conducive to continued cellular survival (within the body and multiple bodies).

So reconnecting our mindful understanding of ourselves with the wonderfully positive and creative energy from whence we came may be a natural tendency. And reconnecting with each other, as depicted in the Facebook connections image, is simply a baby step in that process.

And make no mistake: when we connect with each other on Facebook, as depicted in this wonderful graphic, we are not connecting or reconnecting with each other online after an initial connection of some worldly kind. We are simply reconnecting with each other (and with the everything-energy) we came from after simply forgetting that connection in early childhood… after forgetting that energy is exactly what we are… and that connected existence is what fuels the reality of our spiritual lives.

So we’re not connecting. We’re reconnecting. And that’s why I think this picture is so beautiful.





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