Hi Everyone,

Recently we received a very pertinent question from a valued subscriber and as I answered it I realised that it is quite a common concern.

I have heard it expressed often and on my own journey I have also asked myself this queston.

I AM inspired to share with your the question and my answer, to hopefully bring some peace to those who are struggling with the same fears.


My question is about surrendering.

Letting go of myself is one thing, but letting go of my children, or my parents, seems too hard. Surrendering my attachments to my children feels like betraying them.

Why is this necessary?

Aren’t my children precious individual little people? Or is their individuality, just as mine is, nothing but an illusion? And therefore one needs to let go of the illusion?

If we are all the ONE SOURCE, then my children are all the ONE, then why are they different from say my pet, a flower in my garden, a cloud in the sky or a coffee mug?

I was always surprised to read past life, near death experiences, that describe that people found themselves in a wonderful state/world, but didn’t miss their loved ones they left behind whatsoever.

Many spiritual texts point out that the imagined “I”, my personality, doesn’t exist. Which I can somewhat understand and accept. But then that would also mean that loved ones, or people around me also don’t truly exist? At least not as individuals?

Could you explain? Thank you so much! 🙂


For the purpose of humanity, yourself and your loved ones and the emotional responses loving causes in your body, are very real.

You are right to feel true bliss with your beautiful children.

At the same time the slow but sure re-membering of who you all REALLY are (non separate, pure conscious awareness) is filled with such extraordinary power and joy that nothing is lost and there is no need to feel as though you are betraying anyone.

YES we are all ONE and in knowing that, we can give freely of our love to the people in our lives in complete faith that the love we are feeling is returned tenfold to the whole, ourselves included.

The releasing of attachment to ego or personal identity is a process that usually occurs in increments, little by little over time and it does NOT lessen your love for your children or for humanity, conversely it deepens it, it makes it more real.

No longer is your compassion for others a hypothetical emotion based on judgement but a deep well of love extended in connection to all that is, in a healing wave of purpose.

Ironically the releasing of attachement brings us closer together, but without the fear that holds us in it’s grasp and impedes our natural joi de vivre!

This fear is induced by believing in and holding tight to the construct that is our personality. A construct that is temporary by nature but that we wish to give permanence to. It is resisting that which is natural that brings up the discomfort.

I hope this has helped ease some of your concern on your journey.

And remember you don’t HAVE to do or BE any different than you are, it is all a choice, including relaxing into enlightenment.

You are already ONE and loved regardless.

Lots of Love,



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