VOTING JUST OPENED, AND IT ALREADY CLOSING TOMORROW MARCH 23, AT 5:00PM EDT!  So if you just want the quick link to vote us up at 10 STARS at the bottom of the following link: , PLEASE DO NOT LET ME STAND IN YOUR WAY OF A 10 STAR VOTE !!!  😉

Beyond that… hey there!  Wanna hear the story of why I started this blog and the IAM Podcast?  Wanna hear about my personal transformation that helped start it all and fuels my passion to help you?  It’s explained in detail here.  You can vote at the bottom of that link.

What exactly is that link?  Well, we are not too proud to try and spread the message in whatever way possible!  And in that vein, we have been nominated for The Domino Project.  What is the Domino Project?  Here’s an excerpt from their site:

The Domino Project is named after the domino effect—one powerful idea spreads down the line, pushing from person to person. The Project represents a fundamental shift in the way books (and digital media based on books) have always been published. Eventually consisting of a small cadre of stellar authors, this is a publishing house organized around a new distribution channel, one that wasn’t even a fantasy when most publishers began.

Many of you have asked whether I have a book, or plan to put one out, and my thoughts on that matter are that if it will help people who like to consume information via text better understand spirituality and inner peace, I’ll do it.  I’ve started it.  It’s in process, although kinda in limbo for a bit.  I guess I’m too impassioned to get you the podcast and the Body Mind Spirit 101 episodes right now.

But even though I don’t have a book yet, new media isn’t just about books anymore.  It’s about podcasts, and social media, and making REAL connections with people through email interactions… the kind of stuff we do here.  So if you’d like to vote us up, the scale is on their site is 10 stars.  Please get there and expend a click for us. REMEMBER IT’S A 1 through 10 STARS SYSTEM!

Thanks a bunch for your support!




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