One of the biggest secrets that we often forget when we’re out and about on the web, or in a book store, or at church, or at some retreat or seminar on meditation or inner peace… is that everywhere we look outside ourselves for the answers we seek… there are no answers to find.

The best we can do is to get clues about where to search within us… or how to search within us… what methods might we use to ease the search within us… what strategies, or mantras, or NLP, or other mindful wrestling techniques… that we can employ to be able to facilitate the search within us for the Divine spark that we all feel and know is there.

But always… at all times… it comes back to the search within us.  Nowhere outside us do our answers reside.  For we are the beauty of a unique Body, a unique Mind, and a shared common Spirit that come together in a wonderful expression of a separated connectedness of individuality and collective humanity.  We are all the same… all sharing the same energy… all of one huge breath within the vast universe… yet we are all also just different enough that our answers to our personal spiritual paths are all quite unique.

Which is what makes the fact that our answers lie within… so beautiful.  As Arna mentioned in her debut post, no answer could be universally correct for everyone.  No answer outside of us could be the linchpin, or keystone, or catalyst for awakening to the Spiritual expression and mystical experience that teaches us all about our immortal and perfect existence.  No answer outside us could be as unique and perfectly fitting to us as one that was carved from within the core of our own very existence.

God can’t speak to you through someone else’s mouth.  God can’t even speak to you through your own ears.  You must hear God from beyond the silence within you, after you quiet the body and mind to a point where you can hear it… from within you.  That is the easiest (and most trustworthy) path to God.  And it will always be, as that it comes from within something that God created and RE-creates daily.  (I gotta do a post on the word recreate soon, huh?)

So take these words.  Take these lessons.  Use what helps you to look within.  But always defer to what you find within rather than what you find without.  I pray that you may soon not need these words when you find the direct connection that answers all questions.






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