My Surprising Reaction to My Mom Forgetting Me – I AM 0138

Take a few moments to hear why I was surprised by my reaction to my Mom forgetting who I was.



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  1. Sean, thank you. I lost my mom to cancer a few years ago, this video has really resonated with me. I was definitely a self-pitying wreck when it happened, but your clips, some Adya and some Eckhart Tolle are really beginning to cast things in a new light. I’ve watched a lot of your talks, but this one really hit hard. Thank you man.

  2. My prayers to you in this season you’re going through with your mom. I lost my dad last year to Alzheimer’s. After he progressed to the point where he could no longer remember me it upset him to talk to me or anyone because he knew something was wrong but he couldn’t figure it out and it tormented him. I lived very close by and from my porch I could set and watch him in his back yard. He’d move things around, pick things up and then move stuff back where it was to begin with just being busy doing absolutely nothing. But he would be at peace having a good day. A lot of times whistling or singing. If I went over there to see him it would ruin his day because he would start trying to tell me that something was wrong and that he couldn’t remember anything and it would trigger a bad experience for him that would last the rest of the day. It was much better to watch him at peace than to try to tell him I was his son. Anyway I feel for you and pray for your family. Thank you for your teaching podcasts. I really enjoy and look forward to them. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Sean, many thanks for sharing your story. I’m encouraged by how compassion and joy were your response to this situation. I too have a parent with Alzheimer’s and recognize that I will soon encounter this exact scenario. I hope I will be able to have a similar response. I certainly find comfort in your story. Thank you, my friend.


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