Hi Everyone,

Today, as the Australian sun warms up my nose I will begin this article with a piece of writing that puts forth an idea  I have, connecting the concept of God to our relationship with our parents or primary caregivers.

Dawn Breaks Whilst Thinking About My Mum

Blue dog has brown eyes.

Love is a fact.

Sneaky bird stands tall.

Blue dog sniffs the tree, scratches it with her paw,

stretching, she turns her attention to the froth in the bottom of my cup.


Clothes relax on the line- stillness…

A broken gun…just colour now

Fluorescent lizard, lies languidly on his back somehow intact.

Feathered people talk and sing in the dawn…tired Babylon fell today.

What‘s in the purple tree?


Not really, not if I stretch my legs and climb.

Foliage like spoons or fingers…..

it in

I AM the morning and

nothing is really still.

The air is a soupy book,

good for the heart.

Some say God made it….

‘Not so sure,’ I say,

‘I think it was my Mum.’


Above and beyond, within and around lies what I refer to as ALL THAT IS.

I see All That IS, when in full and realised state, as what others may call God, a pure conscious awareness, intelligent light and if more than that then I
haven’t the frame of reference to come even close to explaining it!

I believe we ALL have access to the depth of All That IS because we are symbiotically, intrinsically connected to it. We cannot get away from it because, body and soul, we ARE it.

I think part of the ‘experience’ or ‘game’ of humanity is to have a go at re-membering the truth of who we are; of regaining consciousness if you will,
one by one.

This is why, more and more, we are coming to the realisation that we can’t changewhat is ‘out’ there but we can change ourselves to match the vision we have of perfect oneness.

As we re-member or come back together we wake up; feeling  and knowing that we are, All That IS simply taking form to participate in the ‘experience of humanity.

It sort of explains why the ones that are awakening at this time are so enthusiastic about sharing their newfound joy and wisdom! Passing on this info
serves to bring us closer to succeeding in waking up and re-membering as a whole!

The thing that might be serving us less is the desperateness with which we try to push our ideas onto each other as though there is a right way and that one
has found IT!

Yes you may have found IT but you’ve only found YOUR version of it and that’s cool be satisfied with that, share the experience but don’t be concerned if no one takes you up on your version of THE WAY.

Part of the game is that we have must find OUR OWN version of the way…

It is AWESOME really, we are one, yet we are so different.

On some level we know we are one but we are not meant to remember until it has become experiential and implicit to our being. Not something that can be told or taken, sold or even given.

Re-membering that we ARE All That IS has to be done separately for it to be real!

Oh the irony!!

Every moment of enlightenment counts!

The concepts of God that we hold and struggle with are all part of the weave that creates the veil that separates us from our pure conscious connection with our source/self.

It has taken me 600 words to get here this morning but this is my point. Highlighting the origin of our concepts may in fact be all some need to
breakthrough into bliss!

The moment we meet eyes with our mother we develop a ribbon of physical connection, nebulous at first it surrounds our every cell and fills us with an awesome excitement that we call LOVE.

As a huge soul in a small, emotionally bound, physical form we are awakened to a new reality and we FALL for it, hook line and sinker! This reality is steeped
in the illusion of humanity, although all we really know until that moment, I hazard a guess, is oneness with self or All That IS.

For a short time we are one with our parents and others. We don’t note a difference between us and  them and are still spiritually aligned with the truth that we are one. But as cognitive awareness develops we start to make distinctions.

For the purpose of our Earth journey there is a need to distinguish and separate and potentially this could happen whilst still remaining aware of oneness and
true love.

Although, with all the fear we have generated, disconnection whilst remaining connected would be a rare occurrence….Jesus…..Siddharta…..Mohammed….maybe….

Due to the way of things the separation process is chockablock with mixed messages. Not least of all being the one we call discipline. Don’t get me wrong, it is
important to create loving boundaries with our children for safety and security and it is essential we guide them toward a strong sense of self and intuitive
decision making.

However, by being an authority figure in our child’s life, a child that is still one foot in this world and one coated in the colours of the truth, we come across
as God-like. The traditional ruling by the rod, which is still in our collective and genetic memory banks, has led many to have an implicit reality of God as vengeful, judgemental and too harsh to really want to get to know when it comes time to awaken. So many people are left feeling confused and alone. And once they leave the nest finding themselves cultivating relationships that express the only God they so far know.

Possibly, thinking about it as I write, what we call religious culture ALL stemmed from groups or tribes filled with parents using the same disciplinary tactics.

Does atheism stem from a lack of emotional connection or a denial of connection due to trauma or neglect?…oh that is too general to claim but definitely worth examining!

My poem came out of a place of worship for my mother as the giver of life and biscuits!

I struggled with my own identity in relationship to my parents for a long time; noticed over and over that I was repeating their teachings by rote,
without conscious awareness. That I was behaving in my adult life in ways that were designed to get the approval of God who on closer inspections had very
similar attributes to my mother and father!

I spent years resolving my connection with my father and weirdly enough my relationship with All That IS has strengthened! Whereas Dad himself is still as
elusive as ever! (I just don’t judge him for it anymore..since I realised that it wasn’t God that taught judgement at all but my parents…ahhhh what a
tangled web we weave!

Anyway, I don’t think it matters too much, the past does NOT maketh the man and now is the time to make the connection with ALL That IS  by loving yourself as much as you deserve, which is unfathomably HUGE!.

Until Next time,

Keep breathing.





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