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Do you ever get hungry?  Do you ever get tired?  Do you ever get sexually aroused?  Who doesn’t, right?  Well… all these types of feelings… among others… are examples of how your body communicates to you from the body to your mind.  But is that communication channel a one way street, or can you communicate back to your body also?  GO.




Welcome to the I AM podcast, where we answer all the questions about spirituality and inner peace that you ever wanted to ask… and where we learn the secrets of humanity and divinity through a better understanding of both.  I am your host, Sean Webb.


I usually start the show with a reminder that these first 25 episodes are a subset of this podcast called Body Mind Spirit 101, and that these first episodes are step 1 to get us on a common vocabulary… so we can get to step 2… which is… making your life awesome and bringing you a permanent and lasting inner peace.  And it’s here that I usually say you should go back and watch the back episodes to get the full effect of this episode…


…but today… you don’t necessarily need all those episodes to fully understand this one.


Our previous episodes talk about a scientific model of existence that explains stuff that hasn’t been explained up to now, like…


why do I experience pain and suffering?


where do my negative emotions come from?


how can I reduce the emotional turmoil in my life?


and its all based on scientific observations…  but THIS episode is a little less scientific in nature… and it’s going to be the first of a few touchy… feely… can’t really put your finger on it discussions… about stuff that science hasn’t really proven out yet… mainly due to science’s inability to measure our personal, within-our-bodies experiences.


So we’re not totally going over the rainbow yet, but have faith that I am the nut-job who will take you there.


Today, we’re going to acknowledge the communication channels that exist between your body and your mind.  And they do exist… because we experience them… all day every day.  Now what do I mean by that?


Well, we discussed in the previous couple episodes how our bodies are made up of trillions of living cells.  And it can be proven through observation that these cells have an intelligence and a consciousness that transcends our own.  In fact, in the last episode we proved that your cells have more control and responsibility over the body than you or I do… and when we do something that contradicts the immediate health of the body… the cells’ reason for existence… our control of our own bodies gets taken from us by those cells, and we are rendered unconscious


And it’s accepted science that cells talk to each other… and that they work in synergy with each other to sustain life.  But… can your body’s cells… do everything solo… in their quest for survival?  Can they control the muscles to reach out and get the food and water and put it in the mouth?  A-HA!  No… they can’t.  Which is where the partnership with OUR consciousness comes in.


See… the cells take care of inside the body really well.  Anything that passes the barrier of organ called our skin… our body takes responsibility for.  But anything outside our skin… our cells kinda need help with.  Food.  Sex.  A comfortable place to sleep right after sex… well maybe not for you ladies… but…


And they need help with making DECISIONS about outside the body stuff also.  Is this place we are standing a safe place to stand?  They don’t know.  Is this sound we are hearing right now important to us?  Is that animal we are seeing right now a danger to us?


Sensory input is all a communication from the body to the mind in the spirit of a partnership for continued mutual survival.  Visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch.  Our senses all get delivered to us through a body to mind communication channel.


And the other communications… come through as feelings.  The body’s need for food.  The body’s need for rest.  The body’s goal to replicate more cells through reproduction.  This is when we feel hunger pains.  This is when we feel tired.  This is when we get that urge to have sex with that cute blonde.


We call these things, including the sex drive, “natural” urges.  But that’s kinda BS.  Because the cells… are conscious, they have their own agenda, and everything they communicate to us is logical… if you look at it from their perspective.  They understand the micro view… they don’t quite get the macro view… so they need to constantly ask… can we have sex now? can we have sex now? can we have sex now?  okay, how about now?  Then… something more important comes up.  Whoa!  Okay we’re hungry now… go order a pizza.


So it’s easy to see that the communication channels are WIDE open from the body to the mind.  But… are they also open from the mind to the body?  Because that’s where some really interesting stuff can occur in our human existence.


[Mind to Body Communication]


Well… in one facet of answering whether there is mind to body communication channel, we can summarily answer that there is.  We can SEE that there is a communication channel from our mind to our bodies, because we can reach out and pick up a cup of tea.  So we know that there’s a communication channel between our minds and our bodies… because we use our bodies for mindful purposes daily.


But here’s the thing… what about other ways to communicate from the mind to the body?  How about with improving your health or curing an illnesses?  Is there a communication channel to influence the body in THAT way?


Well… scientific evidence suggests there is.  Science suggests there are ways to take control of your body’s functions and change them if you need to.  In fact some people do it all the time.  For instance, did you know that you can lower your blood pressure through your mind?


This is out of an article published by Science Daily:


[Read the article]


Now… this study was a meta-analysis of 107 peer-reviewed studies where the subjects weren’t focusing on reducing their blood pressure… but that happened… because they took time to quiet their minds and look within… which in turn improved the health of their bodies.


Imagine what you can do if you were to focus on reducing your blood pressure… consciously.


Hundreds of stories have been told of Indian yogis who bury themselves underground for a week at a time or more… without food… without water… which would kill you or me in just 5 days… maximum… more like three… but they survived… because they consciously reduced their heart rate to 4 to 7 beats per minute, reduced their metabolism, and thus reduce their body’s need for nourishment.


In fact… there’s one yogi that claims he hasn’t consumed food or water for years… which sounds totally nuts, right?… until you find out… he was invited into India’s most advanced hospital by India’s Ministry of Health… where they tested his claim and put him under 24/7 surveillance with three camera angles… where 30 doctors watched him not eat, not drink, and not even go to the bathroom… for 14 days… and you could think ‘well I could do that – well no you can’t… every doctor in the world will tell you that it’s medically impossible to go without water intake for 14 days.  Most people die after 3 days. But he did 14 if you believe India’s equivalent of John’s Hopkins.


And he not only did it… but the doctor in charge said  the man wasn’t even deteriorating… he was walking / talking… and through multiple blood tests and monitoring… at over 80 years old… they said he was as healthy as a 25 year old on Day 14.  You can read about him in the archives of my written blog at I AM  I have links out to the story where you can watch a video.


Okay… so those are examples of how the mind body connection can be used to better control the body… but how about HEALING an illness?  Can you utilize your mind/body communication channels to tell your body to heal whatever ails you?


Well, we certainly can do it when we’re NOT thinking about it.  The placebo effect is so well known world wide… where you think you’re taking medicine but you’re not… and you cure yourself anyway… that doctors now prescribe placebos regularly so that people will heal themselves without the dangerous side effects of taking actual drugs.  That’s nothing but the mind at work on the body there.


And we’ve all heard stories about miracle recoveries, like the story of Norman Cousins.  He got ankylosing spondylitis, which is basically a death sentence… so he checked himself out of the hospital, got a hotel room, collected a number of Marx Brothers movies, loaded up on vitamin C, and cured his A.S…. a supposedly incurable disease… with laughter.


I met a man named Terry McBride about a month ago who tells a story about how he fell victim to the worst E. coli infection in recorded medical history back during the time he got it. He had E. coli all throughout his spine, his hips, his intestines, his groin, his legs.  Doctors told him that they didn’t expect him to live very long… and that even if he did… he was going to lose the use of his legs… so he’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life… then they cut into him for a radical an around the clock surgery where a group of surgeons tag teamed this 24 hour operation to try and just scrape it out… where they wound up taking out most of his intestines… and when he woke up they told him that along with the other bad news… that he would also be wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of his shortened life.  I think he was 23 at the time.  So imagine getting that news.


Long story short… when I met the man a month ago… he didn’t have a colostomy bag, he was walking on two legs without so much as a limp… and even though he’s in his 60s now… beyond having long outlived his expected lifespan… he travels 40 weeks out of the year to speaking engagements all over the country.  The man reached deep down inside, found the power of Spirit within… and then consciously healed himself.  He has a book called The Hell I Can’t…  You can check out at his website


Now… I’ve shared with you some amazing examples of seemingly super-human feats.  But are these people really superhuman?  No.  Not at all, and they would all tell you so.  Indian yogis are the most unassuming bunch you could meet, and Terry McBride is as down to Earth as they come.  The only difference between them being able to control their bodies and heal themselves… and you sitting there being amazed by it… is they believe they can will their bodies to change… and you don’t.  That’s the only difference.


There IS a communication channel from the mind to the body that CAN do seemingly miraculous things and improve your health… and you’re going to take a baby step right now in learning how to do that.




Here’s your homework.  It’s simple.  I want you to go sit down in a chair.  And I want you to get a watch and find your pulse in your wrist.  If you have a heart rate monitor, that’s even better.


Now sit for a minute and just monitor your heart rate… figure it out or watch the readout if you have an electronic monitor.  Now… after you know what it is… I want you to start to willfully… slow your heart rate.  You can do this.  It’ll feel a little weird at first, and you may freak yourself out… because you may actually feel your heart responding to you… but I know for a FACT… that if you concentrate… and control your breathing… and focus your mind on slowing your heart… you will reduce your heart rate 5 – 10 beats per minute… your first time out of the gate.  If for some reason you can’t… practice this week until you do it… because if you sincerely try it, you WILL be able to do it.  Don’t be scared.  You can’t stop your heart by accident.  And you can stop as soon as you get a response.  But do it.  It will blow your mind.


Now why do we need to do this?  Is there a positive health effect to you slowing your heart down a touch?  No.  But you need to understand that YOU… CAN communicate to your body through your mind body communication channels… and YOU… CAN get your body to respond… on things you’ve been told are autonomic and out of your control.  And when you realize that… we’ve opened the door to a whole new world for you.


Then… go download the audio book “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul,” by Deepak Chopra.  You can get it for free if you sign up for our 14 day free trial at www audibletrial com / IAMSpirituality.  Audible is a great place to get the authors themselves to read their book to you… and Deepak Reads his own.  Audible has 83,000 titles to choose from… and you can get one free right now at audibletrial com / IAMSpirituality.


Next week we’re gonna touch on the Spirit.  That thing that we’ve been avoiding up until now.  Subscribe if you already haven’t, this shit’s about to get real. And don’t forget to write us a review on iTunes, and stop to say hi on Facebook.  You can share this episode with your friends there.  In fact, please do.  See you next week.  Peace.






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