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Momentary Meditations

Focus attention on the breath for X minutes.

Pause to notice sensations, emotions, or thoughts.

For a few moments, shift from “doing” to “being”.

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In the Morning

Get up 1-10 minutes earlier and sit in meditation.

Notice the physical sensations of taking a deep stretch.

Notice the first breath you take outside in fresh air.

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At Night

Sit in meditation 1-10 minutes before going to bed, or go to bed earlier and lie in meditation.

Notice the first breath you take after the lights go out.

As you lie in bed, slowly do a body scan by focusing your attention on each of your body parts from head to toe.

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While Eating

Notice the color and texture of your food.

Notice the smell and flavor of your food.

Take a moment to appreciate how the food got to you (from the earth, sunlight, farmers, workers, delivery people, etc.).

Take a deep breath before you take the first bite of your food.

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In the Bathroom

Notice the sensation of water on your hands as you wash them.

Notice the sensation of water on your body in the shower or bath.

Time in the bathroom can become an opportunity for meditation.

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While Standing or Walking

Notice the feeling in your feet on the earth and how the earth supports you as you stand.

When standing in line, instead of checking your phone, use the time for mindful meditation.

When walking, notice the physical sensations of taking steps.

Incorporate a period of mindful walking into your day.

Take the stairs and walk up mindfully.

Walk mindfully from your desk to the bathroom.

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In Communications

When listening, resist distractions and practice offering the speaker the gift of your full attention.

Practice looping back what the other person has said.

Before delivering an important message, take 1-3 deep breaths.

Experiment with closing your eyes when you are on the phone to be able to concentrate on what is being said.

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In Difficult Situations

STOP, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, Respond.

Focus attention on your breath. Focus on the physical sensations of breathing, in and out. Your breath is always available to you.

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In Meetings

Agree to begin meetings with a minute of silence to help everyone fully arrive and focus their attention.

Experiment with conducting part or all of a meeting without laptops or other electronic devices.

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While Using Email

Reread all email before sending it, especially if it is a charged topic. Think about how the other person will feel when they receive your message.

Disable email notifications on your computer. Set regular times when you will check email.

Experiment with having “email free” times, such as after a certain time in the evening or before arriving at work in the morning, or during weekends and vacations.

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During Daily Activities

Bring mindful awareness to a specific activity that you do regularly.  Some ideas are:

Drinking your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Making the bed.

Taking a shower.

Washing the dishes.

Petting your dog or cat.

Brushing your teeth.

Entering a room.

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Finding Time for Meditation

Find a regular time and place in your home for meditation.

Create a room in your office building that is available for meditation.

Sit in your car and follow your breath for a few minutes before going into the office or into your house after work.

Find a quiet place in nature that you can walk to and sit for a few minutes during your day.

If you ride a bus or train to work, use that time for daily meditation.