Okay… we’re going to try and make this the last episode in our Master’s Class on Fear. So far in our previous episodes we’ve provided the first ever infallible definition of fear (solving a 4000 year old mystery of psychology), we’ve explained the complete process that the mind takes to create fear, we’ve given you the steps to take to map your own attachments and perceptions so as to understand your unique fears… and today… we discuss how to remove fear from your life entirely. Let’s go.


Welcome to the I AM Podcasts presentation of A Master’s Class on Fear, Part 5. I am your presenter, Sean Webb.

Okay… so to review… the Ego is clearly defined as the mind’s perception of self… otherwise explained as being the laundry list of things your mind points to as you when you think of “you”.

The Equation of Emotion helps create all emotions within you that you have ever and will ever experience… which is Expectation or Preference regarding your mindful attachments… as compared to your unique Perception of Reality… equates to some type of emotional response.

Fear specifically… is defined as any time your perception is one where something on your Ego list falls into a potential devaluation… a potential threat. This includes of course when the body falls into threat… such as when a bear is about to eat you… but it also includes when ideas of your mind fall into threat… such as when the Bears are about to beat your favorite football team in the Super Bowl.

Like the Bears would ever win the Super Bowl… mmm… 1985.

And the level of fear you experience, from mild concern, up through panic… is dependent on the power level of your Expectation or Preference regarding your attachment AND the validity in your mind of the Reality as Perceived.

And if you need a refresher… or if any of that was over your head… review parts 1 through 4.

So… knowing exactly how fear works within us 100% of the time, how then can we take that knowledge to remove fear from our lives completely?

Well… that’s actually a pretty simple question. Because the fact is that in science if you know how a process works… and you can take control of one or more of the variables of that process… or REMOVE one of the variable of that process… you can subsequently BREAK that process. And so using that scientific fact for our foundation of eliminating fear… let’s look at how to break the process that causes fear within us.

[Breaking the Fear Process]

Okay so… the fear process is of course predicated on two variables… both of which we can control. Those variables are 1) the attachments of ideas that we think of as “me”, and 2) our perception of reality as defined by our mind.

Because we know that fear occurs when the expectation or preference of an idea we include as part of our world…

(I really want the Bears to win the Super Bowl)

…is threatened by something we perceive as a threat to that idea

(the Bears are up by 2 points, but the opposing team is about to kick a gimme field goal.).

Or as another more serious example… maybe your attachment is that you need a job to pay the bills and feel like a productive member of society and a valued person in your family… but… after six months of being out of work… no one is calling you from all the resumes you’ve sent out… and now you’re getting a little nervous.

But in either case… and in any case you could think of or experience… there is an attachment of the mind… that is being threatened by your perception of reality… and THAT is what is causing your limbic system response of fear in the brain.

So… breaking fear is as easy as breaking either the EP (expectation or preference) regarding the attachment to certain ideas in your mind… or adjusting your cognitive processing of your Reality as Perceived. And if you change one or the other of those… you WILL change and even potentially eliminate the fear response from within you.

Like I said in the last episode; Fuck fear.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you’re one of those people who are afraid of how people see you… or judge you. So you care about your clothes. You care about your grooming. You care about what people think of the music you listen to. You care about what people think about the television shows you watch. You care about covering up those love handles. You care about hiding the skeletons in your closet.

And caring about how you are perceived by others… is a low level of fear, because you hold other people’s judgements of you… as an attachment in your mind which is a portion of your identity. So when others devalue their perception of you… it actually devalues your egoic identity… it devalues your “you” in your mind.

So what does common sense tell us regarding how you could alleviate this fear, and cure yourself of this mental illness? Well… if you didn’t care about what others thought of you… if you released your attachment to their judgements in your mind… you would eliminate the expectation or preference of that attachment altogether, which would break the fear process.

The simple fact is that if we want to truly reduce or eliminate fear from our lives… it’s in this little circle of attached ideas that our solution is found. Because the more stuff that you can sweep off this thing… the less fearful you will be in life in general… because things are required to be on this ego attachment map to create fear. If no attachments exist… fear does not exist.

For instance… those buddhist monks… or Indian Sadhus… or enlightened Christian Mystic masters… who do not identify with the body as their definition of self… don’t fear death. You might be able to startle them with a loud bang or some similar unexpected noise… but if you were to put a gun to their head, they would stare at you in complete calm contentedness… even if they KNEW you were going to pull the trigger.

How are they fearless? Because they don’t have the attachment of the body in their mind’s sense of self. You are threatening something they’re not attached to. No fear is the result.

So just like you being afraid of how people see you. If you remove that attachment of how others see you as a reflection of how you see you… then you can walk out into the world and be you without the fear of others negatively judging you. You can then see their judgements as what they are… a reflection and representation of of THEM… not a reflection or representation of you.

If you don’t have the attachment… you will not feel the fear of their judgement… and it will not rule your life or influence any of your decisions.

Okay… so here’s the big question… how do we remove attachments from our mind’s ego attachment map? If it were really that easy, we could just all do THAT and get on without fear in our lives, right? Well… here’s what’s working against us there:

If you remember previously, it’s our mind’s function to help define and understand the world so we can survive in our ever-changing environment. And subsequently, as a survival feature, it’s when our understanding of our environment is proven wrong… that a mini-meltdown occurs… in the form of emotions like fear. And it’s when the train runs off the tracks in that awesome human design feature… that attachments of ideas get attached to self… then subsequently get threatened… that all kinds of psychological fears start ruling our lives.

And so it comes down to your mind. Horace, back before the time of Jesus said, “control your mind, or it will control you”. And this is exactly what he was talking about. Your psychological and cognitive attachments control your mind and control your emotional circuitry in your brain.

And it’s when you change the attachments of ideas of self… that you will ultimately take control of every one of your emotional reactions… including fear.

See… right now… you see your mind’s you as the thing you see when you look in the mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall… how you doin’?

included in your definition of you is your likes and dislikes…

“I like Coke over Pepsi, believe it or not I’d pick Elizabeth Shue over Elizabeth Shannon,

included in your “me” is your life story…

“Well I’m a Navy man, who then went to Florida State University because the girls were hotter…”

included in your world is your attachments to family and friends and your stuff…

“all my family is part of my world… all my friends are part of my world… all my things are part of my world… all the things I get from all those relationships and things are part of my mind’s existence…”

included in your mind’s you is your attachment

“I am a staunch independent republicrat. I am my individual religion. I am my opinions. And I am fabulous.”

And so the key to getting beyond fear… is either to 1) remove each of those attachments individually… one by one… through painful and drawn out reasoning and ego manipulation via psychological counseling… or 2) to take the path that will allow for sweeping the whole map clean… by getting you beyond that whole egoic understanding of your existence.

Because if you didn’t have the attachments to sense of self regarding what other people thought of you… you wouldn’t fear getting hurt in a relationship, making you the type of person the opposite sex wants to be with. If you didn’t have the attachments in your mind to the way things are now… you wouldn’t fear change, and thus could change your life for the better without sabotaging yourself. If you didn’t have the attachments to your body as sense of self… you’d be able to better control your weight… and as a side effect, you would no longer fear death, giving you the ability to live life with a magical zeal that makes life an adventure.

And so getting beyond all that… getting beyond your understanding of you as your mindful attachments is the key to not only removing fear from your life, but attaining inner peace in general. Like enlightened teacher Thich Nhat Hahn says… “No fear is the ultimate joy. When you have the insight of no fear, you are free.”

At this… by the way is the ONLY certain path to ultimate and lasting inner peace and a life without fear… because the fact is… all the attachments that are associated with egoic understanding that cause fear… are all illusions. And that’s because your ego itself is an illusion. It’s a lie. All that… mind’s version of you… is just a facade. It’s a mindful mirage laid over the top of the more awesome perfect divine you that lies underneath all that junk. That’s just the you that exists when someone else is in the room. It’s not the you that would still exist if no one else on the planet did.

The real you is something more profound. More beautiful. More intelligent. More solidly grounded than things in the mind that can be changed when you change your mind or when someone changes your life situation. The real you is something that cannot be affected by the world or its challenges.

The real you… is fucking fearless.

And the real you is something that can be experienced… through the discipline of mindfulness meditation and/or contemplative prayer, and/or yoga, and/or fasting, and or psychedelics, and/or dancing, and/or one of numerous global disciplines designed to show you… without someone having to tell you… what exists beneath the false you of your mind.

Because it’s only when you see the REAL you… beneath the false you of your mind… that you will then be able to replace the false you of your mind… with your understanding and experience of the real you… which is when all your mindful attachments are removed, and which is when fear is then removed from your existence completely and permanently.

I experienced what is called spiritual enlightenment, which is one of those experiences that can show you your real you that replaces your false you in your mind. So now my life is one without the influence of fear. Just like Pema Chodron, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, the Dali Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, Deepak Chopra (mostly)… and thousands of unspoken others, by the way… you could put a gun to our heads, and we most likely wouldn’t flinch. If you discover the secret true self beneath your false self… you will be able to do the same.

You’ll be like Obi-Wan in Star Wars. If they strike you down… you will become more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

Yeah, I’m a little crazy… but I’m not lying to you. This stuff is the basis for the inscription at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi “Know Thyself”.

And if you do learn the secret of uncovering your true self… you will reduce and potentially eliminate not just fear, but anger and all its variations, sadness and all its variations, worry, regret, and that stone cold scientifically proven health and body killer… stress.

So here’s what you need to do. If you’re already registered at the website, don’t worry about it you’re already covered. But if you’re not… go to… and enter your email address in the upper right of the page. I’m going to start a class soon regarding getting down into that deeper true self that underlies the false self of the mind. I haven’t yet decided yet whether or not to charge for the class, so it might wind up being be free… as everything else has been up to this point.

And so we’ll conclude the Master’s Class on Fear with this step-off point to the next phase of our journey. In the next episode we’ll slide back into our regular schedule of topics. I hope you’ll join us. For for the I AM Podcast’s Master’s Class on Fear… I am Sean Webb.



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