Hi Everyone,

I have been contemplating LOVE.

NICE hey!

But really I’ve been thinking about how we use the word ‘love’ to define or justify our non-loving actions.

Afraid of being hurt we back away from this thing we call ‘love’.

Desperately needing to fill a self-perpetuated void we dive into something we might call ‘love’.


The Ivory Elephant

If you let someone love you will they wander off?

will they

get lost

or side tracked,

like I did when I was three at the market?

The little ivory elephant was

my desire then,

the square of soap that smelt of sandalwood.

My loves, my treasure.

If I am someone’s

little ivory elephant

will they leave me?

to fall through the cracks

in the back seat of a purple station wagon


and maybe they will remember me one day,

maybe they will remember me fondly.

So L O V E

There is love and then there is LOVE.

Love with a little ‘l’ is the one that we all dream of and wish for. The one we fear we’ll lose and the one we go to the movies to see. It is like a lollypop, you suck it for awhile, savour it, occasionally bite into it and soon it is done. You might claw at the stick with your teeth to try and extract the last skerrick of sweetness but ultimately the illusion that was the lollipop is now gone, never to be seen again.

hmmm disappointing….

Love with the big ‘L’ is the heat beyond the dream, the truth within the wish, the one that can never be lost, the one that caused the movie to be made. It is like the big bang, the neverending sugarpop, the kiss of God, the sparkles that make the air we breathe.

LOVE with the big ‘L’ is the IS that lies at the core of ex IS tence, the poem that concedes to You and I as ONE and shares a tear at the beauty of it all.

No thing can be lost when we rest in true love. No other thing exists. Take of your cloak of sadness and dance with me in delight to the song that holds us as it’s harmony.

There is no need to fear Love.

As soon as you hear yourself contemplating sadness at potential loss of love, sit in place and breathe. Notice the oxygen swimming in your nose and in your lungs. Witness the vibration that sings in your cells. Find the peace that lives in your heart. Absorb the message that your larger mind has to share.

Hear it?

l i s t e n………………I……AM…….L o v e………relax……….o p e n…… breathe…….deeper………

Love does not lie far from your attention, just a degree, tilt your head and give in to it’s poetry.

When you feel yourself resisting out of fear…pulling back from intimacy with your lover or with yourself, relax again, breathe again and open your eyes. Let yourself look into the soul of the reflection before you. Let go. True Love is just beneath the courage it takes to behold yourself in all your glory.

When we make a plea to the universe within, for an experience of true love, we are heard. We are soon gifted with the opportunity to experience love. But the Universe within knows our best interests, hears the word love and sees a big ‘L’.

It is us, with our misguided use of love for temporary solace that is making the choice NOT to go there.

It is almost as if, as soon as we see the opportunity, we shy away, making irrational justifications in order to avoid the truth of Love. ‘Love Hurts’ ‘What if he leaves me?’ ‘What If I am not good enough?’ ‘What if she does not like what she see’s?’ ‘Everything I love goes away or dies…..’

What happens when we do this? We respond by holding much of ourselves back from the experience. We become tenterfooted, turning our eyes away from the other and shallow breathing to avoid letting go into the energy that is available to us.

YES, people die and people leave and things happen. This is true in the trifling world we have created where only what we see with our eyes is real and we shield ourselves from the beautiful truth.

Sure, but I am here to ask; WHAT IF we stopped protecting ourselves from Love?

Three pieces of sage advice:

Look into the mirror…into your own eyes and hold your gaze. Do not sway…push through the discomfort…get to know your soul. I guarantee once you allow yourself this intimacy you will begin to release the fear of ‘What if they get to know me and they do not like what they see?’ because, my Love, YOU are awesome. How do I know? because I AM Awesome and we are one.

Breathe deeply into your heart, imagine it opening like a flower. See the petals unfurl and the energy that is the truth of you come flowing out. Watch this sparkling energy with your minds eye, watch it swirl throughout your body and out into the world around you. See your energy merging with the universe. Make this a regular meditation and soon you will release your fear of loss. How can you lose something that is YOU?

Listen to your thoughts and become a witness to your inner turmoil. Begin to question the rationality of what you are hearing. Make time for yourself to sit in silence and watch the words that flutterby……. Hold the word LOVE in your mind, choose a symbol that represents love to you, place this visual in your heart and listen to the words that pop up upon doing so. Get to know your LOVE demons and banish them…turn your focus to words more supportive of your journey into true Love! Gift yourself in this way often and soon there will be no resistance to the truth and soon you will fall deeper into magnificent love with yourself.

Falling in love with yourself means giving yourself the chance to experience a true, tantric romance with another…Awesome…..!

So there you go, a little about Love with a BIG L.

THAT is what I’m talking about!

Until next time,

keep breathing,




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