Hi Everyone,
A little poetry for you from this Chilly Aussie, although my fingers are cooold on this fresh winter expression of God.
Oh and stay tuned for the question at the end! ;-?

Love Swept The Breeze Away

Fresh and cool it entered
then swayed and left,
or seemed to,
me and you,
the saddest
in the sun.
But the heat that kissed the space just above my skin
told me the truth
I didn’t know until then.
Time entered and sighed and I listened so hard,
I pressed my ear against the
tight spot in my heart.
Feathers ruffled, a moment shuffled,
the breeze stung my eyes and made me cry (it didn’t mean to).
Breath filled me and called me and kissed me
on the inside.
Love shifted and swayed and seemed to say,
a word that only
the tight spot,
deep in my heart needed to hear.

Thankyou for reading my poem!

The question is ‘What is the WORD?’

Simply pop your word in the comment box and the word that resonates most with me as the author of this poem will receive a digital copy (pdf) of I AM Inspiration! My new book to support those who work with children. (Educators, Parents, Grandparents and Carers etc can all get somethng out of this one)

76 hours from now I will announce the winner!

Until then, keep breathing,



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