Love is the sparkle in the air that makes its way into my body upon each breath. Love is the soupy connection thick with life yet invisible to the eye…UNLESS we are ready to really see.

If we slow down enough, LOVE becomes clear in the way the light hits the world around you. I am talking about everything too, not just the natural world: the paint on the walls the plastic toys, the electricity poles outside your bedroom window. I am talking about the leaves in the trees and the crumpled newspaper rolling in the wind.

Nothing and everything is manmade and Godmade there is no differentiation when viewing through the eyes of love.

In a way it is the ability to separate the fear from the reality so that nothing exists but the truth. When we develop that skill we begin to live in BLISS.

Tonight I lay with my three year old and listened to my twelve year old read a story. With the pressure taken off me to read, I was able to relax. As I did so, the light in the room took on a type of shimmer.

My mind settled to a slow honey flow and the colours around me began to dance. I realised as I absorbed this, that although I had lain in this room a hundred times or more in the same position, reading similar stories at around the same time each night, I had been missing something AWESOME!

I think we take love for granted to such a degree that we don’t even realise that we are ingesting it, inhaling it, absorbing it and bathing in it at all times.

We forget that the eyes with which we see are the love that we are seeing.

I believe this is more literal than most of us are willing to concede. We are far more inclined to try and assume control of life, to LOOK rather than to simply receive.

There is a tantric exercise I read once that involves looking into your lover’s eyes. Instead of looking AT them though, it urges you to allow yourself to absorb what you see, allowing the energy from their eyes to enter you. It instructs you to relax and receive.

Obviously this takes some practice. The way you can tell if you are actually doing it, is that your eyes don’t get tired, you don’t have the burning sensation that happens when you stare at something in a judgemental kind of way.

What happened for me tonight and has in fact been something I have experienced quite a few times now, was due to my momentary allowance of the natural state of things.

As I dropped control of the situation, handed the reins over to my daughter, released my expectation of the moment, the moment was allowed to enter me.

Once we make THE choice in life to journey into our true selves, to develop our self-awareness we are able to shift to such a degree as to be gifted more and more frequently with these little love visitations.

it is our natural bio-physical state to be at one with the energy of the consciousness we are swimming in. It is this, that is in fact, what makes up our entire being from thought to manifestation!

When I talk about Emotional Intelligence  (which I do frequently, even managed to slip it in here! 🙂 ) I AM talking about developing all aspects of the self to the degree that we are always in connection with the elements of our world. When we have that channel functioning optimally we are in a prime position for success and fulfilment.

It is hard to make an incorrect decision when you are in communication with the very smartest parts of self.

Basically when we slow ourselves down we lift our awareness, with this awareness can come a sense of wonder, fascination and gratitude.

Love comes flooding in to ignite our senses and remind us that there are no wrong moves, we are on the right track because we ARE the track.

There is nothing but LOVE

Sleep well tonight!

Until next time,

Keep breathing,

LOVE, Arna






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