Hi Everyone,

I am lying under the Australian sun, writing this article, a breeze is fluttering over me, with it bringing the perfume of Spring.

The desiduous tree outside my window hasn’t regained its leaves, lost in our last Autumn (the fall many of my friends are experiencing at this moment!) but it still has the tenacity to throw a beautiful blossom or two from its bare branches.

I am fascinated and amazed at the beauty and fierce passion of life on earth and feel increasingly proud to be connected with all that is!

There is purpose to our journey, it is individual and it is collective and we are here to fulfil our portion of that purpose.

I think that more than anything our purpose is to uncover our connection and brighten the world around us, to grow in consciousness bringing joy and hope to our version of life.

The purpose is to take each moment and experience it with as much of us as we can, to consciously regard it and improve upon it again and again.

Each time we sink into the depths of the experience we are having and absorb the strength of the life, there we evolve personally, expanding the global brain and enlightening earthly consciousness.

Even when life seems barren or grief-stricken there will be a vein of gold to be plumbed, in time, revealing it’s shine and asking to be shared with all.

We are an ambitious crew, us earthlings and for a good reason. We are gifted with a light magnificent! We have the answers to the universal game and we are laughing on the inside!

Each time we pop a bubble to reveal a secret of consciousness we run to the front of the class and passionately scribble it on the board for all to benefit from, we WANT to share, evolve and grow, we cannot WAIT for the Nirvana moment that tips us over the 51 percentile and into pure conscious awareness!

I am so happy in this flowering spring moment to be here, sharing what I learn and learning from my brothers and sisters. I feel excited to be playing this purposeful, elusively reflective, illusionary serious yet extraordinarily light-hearted game of life with all of you!

Spring has sprung and with it a message of purpose and hope,

Eat well, share your light and keep breathing,

YOU are awesome,

until next time,






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