Hi all!

Pardon our dust as we launch this new video and written blog site.  I posted an Eckhart Tolle link from YouTube as a test post, but trust that we will be posting ORIGINAL VIDEO CONTENT very soon.  Booyah!

We will add more pages and tons of interesting, spiritually enlightening, and current-affairs-relevant posts as we move along.  There will be a number of “basics” videos that will also start to be produced and posted soon.  Then we will fire off the weekly and semi-daily video posts to help you along in your search for complete inner peace, spiritual enlightenment, and all the other answers you have been seeking up until now.  We’re going to deal it to you straight!  This is an exciting time!  Subscribe today to get the email updates for when major posts go up, and get ready to interact with us on a level that you might not be accustomed to. (We actually answer emails, and good questions may get video blog answers!)  See you soon.



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