Hi Everyone,

A word on judgement.

Each time we judge another we are pointing something out about ourselves.

This isn’t sometimes, or even most of the time, this is ALL of the time!

I realise that a statement like this can seem confrontational, difficult or just plain wrong, but it is, as far as I can see, quite the fact!

A judgement is a statement of personally held emotional attachment.

When you look at another and you notice something about them that triggers a reaction of any kind, then you have attached an idea to that observation. You will find on closer examination that the observation you have made means something to you. Even the simple noticing is an indication of judgement.

I might look at a man and think he has dirty shoes. This thought may seem innocuous enough…so he has dirty shoes…what of it? But why did I notice it, is it okay that he has dirty shoes, or is it not okay, for some reason?

Is he in my house about to walk on my carpet, do I need to take action here? Or is he in the street minding his own business?

Once we start asking these questions, our true judgement, which consists of the stories we have allocated
to certain aspects of life, our undervalues, begin to emerge.

Just say this man is standing on the street and you notice his dirty shoes, you think to yourself this man has dirty shoes… you feel a bit grossed out, like, errr this man has dirty shoes, he doesn’t take care of
himself…my shoes are clean…I take care of myself.

A lady is standing next to you and she notices his shoes, she thinks, that man has dirty shoes. She then thinks,  he must work hard…mine are so clean, maybe I should get into the garden more….

Both of you are making judgements on the man’s shoes but neither of you notice, he is crying.

When we make judgements on others they inevitably connect back to ourselves and further more when we are busy judging ourselves and others, we miss opportunitys that are in front of us; to connect with others, to feel compassion, to ask the questions.

Living in a world of judgement keeps us isolated, whether in a positive seeming state or a negative seeming state makes only a small amount of difference (difference being, it is easier to open to change and compassion from a positive perspective in my opinion).

We don’t know what is really going on in another’s thoughtlife.

We have no idea what it meant for that man to have dirty shoes, he is crying, could his shoes have meant, he didn’t care what he had on his feet due to bad news? We don’t know. And it doesn’t matter, unless we choose to make it matter.

When we decide to drop judgements through self-awareness and intention we open up a new world, one
where we cannot hide in a land of smoke and mirrors. One where we get the opportunity to see clearly and actually be here now.

Looking at things through eyes only and making up stories around them, locks us into a tight little world in which we are a servant to the nebulous, disorientated ego.

Try this activity for a day!

Be aware of the many judgements you make…watch them arise in your mind…little ones like ‘he put the plates in the sink…I hate that.’ To the big ones ‘Oh look at her hair, she must be an awful person!’ To the
enormous ones, ‘The colour of his skin, means he is a terrorist, for sure!’

This is all, just watch and listen to yourself, you will be surprised at just how often you make a judgement upon another or yourself!

All these judgements are warping your world, rendering you out of touch and therefore, on some level insecure and out of control.

Bringing the insecurities that hide within to our conscious awareness is the only truly effective way to regain command of our lives.

Starting to uncover the stories and judgements that we play with everyday and hide, will uncover our true reality and when we meet ourself properly, we WILL undoubtably fall in love with the compassionate being we are.

We will take command  of our mind and live a life of joy.

Once we are able to notice our judgements we will begin to see how pointless they are, there are so many different stories that could be attached to any one judgement. And it is likely that NONE of them are correct!

Let us be open!

When we are open, we are free to receive information, love and personal inner security through connection with our universe!


Until next time.

keep breathing,




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