Body Mind Spirit 101 Videos

The videos of the Body Mind Spirit 101 Course

If you want to just watch the videos, feel free to view them below.  If you would like to get the videos, the additional commentary, the homework, and some exercises to maximize the course’s teachings, enter your email address below, and we will send you these videos individually over the next 10 weeks with and the supporting course material that makes them much easier to consume and understand.  Yes, the course homework really drives understanding these videos home, but you may choose either path.


Ep. 0002 – Who Are You? The False Self and True Self

Ep. 0003 – The Body Mind Spirit Model

Ep. 0004 – The Equation of Emotion – the First Step to Inner Peace

Ep. 0005 – The Ego, Its Simple Definition, and How It Works

Ep. 0006 – “THE” Me

Ep. 0007 – Relative Valuation of Ego – Why Inner & Outer Conflict Occurs

Ep. 0008 – The Power of Mindful Attachment and How It Affects Emotion

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