Hi Everyone,

If you were to explore most myth or fairy tale you may very well find the answers to the deep questions that humans ask.

A few years ago I attended a 10 week course on ‘The Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Carolyn Myss. It was extraordinary and opened me to a new realm of insight.

On one of these evenings I had an epiphany that left me humming with happiness and connection.

The facilitator was guiding us through a chakra cleansing meditation. We were instructed to visualise a tower. In the basement we breathed in the colour red, we filled the rooms with the glow of deep, luscious red.

Slowly we moved up the stairs onto each floor of the tower breathing in the colours of the chakras, from the basement all the way through; orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the spectrum of a rainbow.

Reaching the topmost floor of the tower, we were asked to step on to the balcony and survey the world.

This part of the visualisation was completely different and astoundingly insightful for each participant.

I was surprised to find myself at the railing of an enormous white lighthouse looking over endlessly calm, sparkling, blue sea.

The facilitator asked us to breathe our colours over the world and as I did this I realised with a thrill, that I was the light source for the most awesome rainbow; my colours stretched in magnificence through the sky and across the sea.

I absorbed the feeling of expansiveness, falling deeper and deeper in love with myself as a rainbow!

Then KAPOW like a cosmic explosion I was gifted with a flashing vision of a huge cauldron full of shining gold pieces and I knew without a shadow of a doubt; I was not only the rainbow but in fact I was the POT OF GOLD.

My whole life I had marvelled at the concept of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As a child I completely believed in it and knew one day I would find the end of a rainbow and get to play with all that gold.

WE are the pot of gold!

I am sure it was the intention of the one who originally birthed the pot of gold legend that humans would ask ‘How do I get to the pot of gold?’ and that the question would eventually be answered.

The Gold IS within.


I will leave you with a poem that speaks of the many faces of God consciousness


The Chameleon

In the Apple tree

after lunch,

he sat.

His eyes shimmered and I was a mermaid.

I am what you think I am he said to me.

I am the sea.

I am the shells that shine a maternal pearl.

I am the tear that tastes the corner of your lips.

I am salt and air.

I am the dark, red dirt of Earth’s womb.

I am you.

Touch me and lick my surface, bite into me like the apple that I am.

He turned his face away as if to gather his thoughts or breathe.

Then looked into my eyes,

storm intense, a shocking lake of liquid fire.

There is nothing between us…..he said and I began to cry…

Not a thing, he repeated, to separate our being .

He pulled me onto his branch then in the Apple tree,

will you sit with me?

The golden hairs on his body dancing in the sun.

and I did

like sugar on the tip of God’s tongue.

Until next time,

Keep breathing


ps-‘ I AM Gold ‘ Awesome affirmation to teach children! Sing it, dance it , squeal it- I AM GOLD!





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