By psychology, it’s called the “bandwagon effect”.  In reality, it is actually a voter’s mindful attachment to their preference that they wind up “on the winning team” after the election, which thereby increases their perceived Relative Egoic Valuation… that can sway an election.

Some people are so driven by their chase of an egoic valuation boost, that public polls and/or personal social influence can “subconsciously” sway their vote to the trending candidate.  The reality is the ego… and the placation of it… is an illusion of the mind that has nothing to do with government or which candidate should be elected.  But a large number of votes are affected by it just the same.

It can manifest in a number of ways… for instance; A person who gets up to vote on some given Tuesday watches the morning news, and they see that a particular candidate has taken a 2% lead in the polls.  That information affects them to go vote for that candidate because of their attachment to wanting to be included in the “winning group”.  An “I voted for the winner,” is created, thereby creating a vote based wholly on that individual’s egoic influence.  It’s been scientifically proven, just never really explained.

Or take the person who is married to a very staunch supporter of a certain candidate, but given an independent decision, they would vote for the opponent.  The day of the ballot, their preference that they can better identify and fit in with (after the vote) the definition of their spousal and the familial units, they cast the vote for their spouse’s candidate.  Or if they more identify with a close friend, they vote for their friend’s candidate.  Or whomever else they want to identify with the most in their personal circle.  Again… it has nothing to do with the politics, the issues, the best decision for candidate, and it is wholly based on egoic influences within the individual in question.  But it can still change the course of history.

But the reality is… no matter who you voted for… it was an attachment of your ego that took you there. What you connect with the most as it’s associated to who you “think” you are (the ego) is what actually influences EVERY decidion you make every day of your life. Unfortunately, the ego is the false self… a false identity… which covers up the beautiful true identity within you waiting to be discovered. It is when you are able to better shed the ego, that you can make decisions based on the beautiful true self within you using the clear mind of a person no longer influenced by the negative influences of the illusion. You gotta break the chains that are binding you that you don’t even know are there.

Let’s see if we can’t neutralize the negative influence that the ego and subsequent processes has on your life, shall we?

FYI, you can read more about the Bandwagon Effect on Wikipedia at

Also FYI, you can read and watch (video) about the detailed explanation of the ego and how it blocks both intelligent decisions and spiritual peace here at this blog.  Stand by.




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