How Emotions Work in Humans and ComputersThe new book is LIVE and is available on!  It will soon also be available on and at iTunes!

“How Emotions Work; In Humans and Computers” is the first book in the world to reveal emotions causation, and specifically what causes emotions in individuals.  It’s supported by dozens of existing emotions studies and experiments, and presents a new model of explaining why we as individuals feel the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, worry, regret, and 50+ others.

Would you like to know what within you causes YOU to get angry?  Wanna know what makes YOU sad?  Do you want to know why YOU specifically fear the things you fear?  All of that is explained in this book.

As a bonus, the process of how emotions can be programmed for computers is explained, and how if you don’t want sites like Facebook and Google to track and predict your emotional response to your news feed, you should probably close your account now.  😉

Pick it up today for your Kindle.  It’s only $6.99.



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