Reading Pre-Match HuddleI think it’s time for a team huddle.  And if you didn’t know it already… you’re on the team!

Here’s the thing:  I don’t know if I like the new format on the I AM Podcast or not. And/or I’m thinking that the topics should be more focused (and shorter) than they have been in the last couple podcasts. The issue is that the BMS model CAN explain every human life illness we experience (arguments, violence, war, crime, etc.), but I’m wondering if a more focused approach wouldn’t be more interesting to all of us…?

For instance, instead of “arguments”, the same type of content could be covered through the explanation of “why you argue with your husband about him doing more around the house”.  Right?  Or even better yet… “why my wife gets frustrated when I get behind on chores, and what we do about it…?”

What do you guys think? What kind of topics would you like to see?  Practical tips? How to deal with someone who’s yelling at you? How to be more spiritual in the face of a job change?  I have tons of ideas… I just don’t want to be boring, so we can get on track with stuff that can help but be entertaining to watch also.

Please let me know your thoughts.  And also please know that whatever criticism you share of course won’t phase THE me one bit.  😉  Let’s make this podcast thing better for all of us!  Do you like the new format?  And what do you think regarding topics?  (Click on the Comments Count on the right portion of the bar above this post to comment.)




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