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[The Joy of Joy]

Joy is different than happiness. Happiness is a condition of the mind. Joy is a state of being. And that may sound like I’m bringing some technical semantics into play here, and psychologists will argue that joy is simply an emotion related to happiness… but they are DEAD WRONG… and the difference between happiness and joy is more than one of just semantics.

Happiness is a result of an occurrence happening as you prefer it to occur. You win the lottery. You’re happy. Your team wins the big game. You’re happy. You get that raise at work. You’re happy. Joy is something deeper and more meaningful. When you spend time with your kids… you’re joyful. When you witness that beautiful sunset in quiet on the beach… you’re joyful. When you play with a puppy or a kitten… you’re joyful. When you hear your favorite music, and you’re just in the moment… that’s joy. There isn’t a preference there about what the music should or shouldn’t do. It just goes there… and takes you there.

Joy is deeper. It comes from a place that is BEYOND mind. Your mind isn’t thinking, “that sunset is awesome… I prefer it that way”… or “this music is just the right tempo” no you are just taking in the pleasure of the moment and standing in awe of God’s grace at that moment as it is expressed through the sunset or through that awesome guitar riff… and tapping your feet… experiencing joy. In comparison… when your mind is experiencing happiness… it IS thinking, “I just won the lottery. Woohoo”, or “look at these grades on my child’s report card, YAY!” Bernice Wood gave a great example on her blog when she said, “If you go out to an awesome dinner, it would make you happy. If your 12 year old daughter planned and cooked her very first meal for the family, you would be filled with joy.”

Joy emanates from Spirit. It emanates from beyond mind. There is no Equation of Emotion influence that needs to happen to experience joy.

Joy can be felt by simply observing the wondrous miracle of life on this planet… without mindful input… and thus… it is NOT a condition of the mind like happiness is when everything is meeting your preference… no… joy is a state of being that is beyond the mind’s influence.

And JOY… is what you are actually seeking when you THINK you are seeking happiness. JOY is what you are missing when you think you need to change something in your life. JOY is what all the rich people are missing when they attain all the things that are supposed to bring lasting happiness but don’t bring lasting happiness.

Alignment with Spirit… is what happiness is missing. Happiness is aligned with mind, and mind changes, which is what makes happiness temporary. Alignment with Spirit brings joy… and because the Spirit is an unchanging loving force… joy is permanent when you get the distractions of the mind out of the way.

So… I guess we’ve come all this way in this episode to say this:

Avoid happiness at all costs, people.

How sick is it that I just said that. I love this podcast. On to our homework.


Homework this week. Start noticing the difference in YOUR life between happiness and joy… and come SHARE with us… [@] on the blog… or on Facebook or Twitter… how you see happiness in your life… and how JOY shows up in your life. Because your examples will help others understand better also. You can leave comments at under the post of this video.

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Next week… we’re going to discuss the two different types of information that we gather in the world, and discuss the illusions of both. Don’t miss it. In the meantime, send me some questions you would like answered if you’ve got them: is the address you can use. If I don’t have a good answer from the Body Mind Spirit model, maybe we can figure out a good answer between the two of us. Because I don’t have all the answers. You do. I’m just trying to show you where to look within yourself to find them. See you next week. Peace.



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