Hi Everyone!,

My closest friend is about to give birth and I am on call! Right now she is feeling ‘funny down there’  very exciting!

I have left my Monday article to the VERY last minute so have had to take this five minutes between contractions and child rearing to snaffle one of my pre-written articles from an unused blog of mine, so I apologise to anyone who may have already read it!

This is a good one though, important info that we don’t generally know! OH if we did know, if we were taught this in the classroom as children WOW the world would change in a heartbeat.

We would finally gain the command of our mind that we need to create an AWESOME life, successful and happy. This would then translate into an AWESOME world for us and our children!

SO lets get to it and…..

Guess what, we actually can, do and are right now!

Cognitive development doesn’t have a cut off point, believe it or not.

I could pretend that my thoughts and intentions do not matter and give over to the slow decrepidation of the soul that occurs upon abdicating my
opportunity to grow positive neurological pathways in my brain. BUT NO it is far too exciting, the forever journey of expansion, for me to turn a blind
eye to my power.

The most riotous comedy of all is that even if I CHOOSE to reduce my conscious awareness by putting no time or thought into it, I would still be growing a brain, just not the sort of brain that can make a genuine difference to human life. I would be growing a brain that would do little more than maintain the status quo.
I am not convinced that to offer support to the status quo is either a safe or responsible thing to be doing when we have so much latent power within us. When we have the ability to grow brains that will shoot this earthly experience into an exciting and healthy future!

The health of our future as a global consciousness aside, there is of course personal health to consider. By letting our thoughts run wild we pose great risk to our physical well being.
Research shows that fear, of anything, triggers more than 1000 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different
The chemical waste generated by negative thinking lends cause to dis-ease in the body.
Here are four simple ideas to consider:

  1. Understand that thoughts are real and have actual anatomy Thoughts are real things: they have a structure in your brain and occupy space. Thoughts are the same as memories. Thoughts and memories look like trees and are called neurons or nerve cells.
  2. Increase conscious awareness of your thoughts and how you are feeling upon having the thought..Become a witness to your own thoughts, ask yourself: is this good
    for me? Conscious awareness of your thinking can become like a habit. A habit takes twenty-one days to create. Start today!
  3. Take action once you have noticed and examined the thought.This means consciously accepting or saying YES to the thought (if it is good for you)
    or rejecting it/turning away from it (if it is bad for you). Thoughts only have as much control as we choose to allow them.
  4. Grow your new brain. Deciding to accept or reject a thought is changing the neural circuitry of your brain: Make no mistake, your brain is growing
    while you think and you have control over the process.
Acceptance of a thought and concentration upon it and the emotions that it triggers will increase the positive structures within your brain making it easier and easier to go to a healthier and more optimistic place. Through pointing your attention and energy in this direction you will achieve clarity of mind, peace in the body thus promoting innovation and happiness.
The thoughts you choose to reject, upon realisation that they cause emotions that reduce wellbeing and create dis-ease will be converted into harmless energy and released.
So with all this freshly reverberating, while your tongue is tingling and your toes are twitching, hop to it and GROW A BRAIN!
Now I am off to have a baby (so to speak)
Until next time,
keep breathing,



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