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Have you ever met God? I mean really TRULY met God. Where you’ve been transported out of your body and mind to an existence where you are one with the very life energy that makes up the entire universe… where you are awash in unconditional love… and where God is handing you every answer to every question you could ever ask? Did you know that was even possible? If you don’t, it’s probably because almost no one speaks about meeting God because almost no one knows how to do it, but there ARE people who have met God… AND beyond that… there is an ancient forgotten discipline that will allow YOU to meet God also… and no… I’m not a nut-bag. Don’t you dare… GO!


Welcome to the I AM Podcast, where we answer all the questions about spirituality and inner peace that you ever wanted to ask, and where we learn the secrets of humanity and divinity through a better understanding of both. I am your host, Sean Webb.

So… meeting God. It’s not a new idea, actually. In truth the phenomenon of being able to meet God personally is older than time, and it’s the basis for all religions in the world.

The Hindus and Jainists call the experience Moksha and the state of Nirvana, while the scriptures within Judaism known as Kabballah call it Yehida. In Zen, it is called Satori and Kensho to a lesser degree. Yogic traditions call it Samadhi. Sufis within the religion of Islam call it fitra. Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, call it enlightenment. And although the teachings of Jesus are filled with references to the lamp and light within, and that the kingdom of God being within… and man being able to become sons of the Father… and those who follow will perform greater works than these… Christianity doesn’t talk about it so much… but they also acknowledge the phenomenon of meeting God and call it Christian mysticism. They call it mysticism… because people who meet God have a mystical understanding of God well beyond those who devote their whole lives to religion and the study of scripture…

go figure.

I use the term enlightenment in reference to all those other terms… because at their base meaning… they are all the same thing. They are all terms associated with meeting God… with becoming one with the universal intelligence that creates everything… and which imparts an amazing knowledge and wisdom from God that you didn’t have before you met God.

It’s an experience… that God put within us to have… to be able to find Him directly in the face of countless religions and numerous human-influenced spiritual scriptures. It is the fail-safe method of finding God because it will provide the answers when everything else doesn’t… and it’s the most trustworthy way to find and understand God… because it’s an experience that comes from within you, you being something created by God, and so what better way to know it’s real than to have experienced it for yourself, and not be left to take someone’s word for it or read about it in a book?

It’s a set of visions that you see that are beyond your eyes’ capability to see. It’s a set of sounds that you hear that are beyond your ears’ capability to hear. It’s a set of ideas that you are communicated to you that are beyond your mind’s ability to comprehend. But it is an experience that although it’s almost more than you can handle… comes together to teach you all the things you need to know about God… about your own essence and your true identity… and it answers every question you could ever have about where joy and love reside… and by default… brings more joy and love into your life.

You could say that enlightenment is a type of out of body experience where your consciousness… is transported into the very consciousness of God. If you’re wondering if something you’ve experienced in the past was enlightenment… it probably wasn’t… because there is NO QUESTION about what is happening when God appears… but that said… there is ALSO… NO QUESTION that YOU… can experience enlightenment and meet God… if you want to. God is open and accepting of everyone… and WANTS to meet you.

He, which I use only in the editorial sense… WANTS you to have this experience. The only problem is… that the ancient disciplines of how to meet God have been all but forgotten, and thus are not taught except in the far corners of the world.

And if you do, indeed… wind up meeting God because you decide to do so… that experience brings you complete… understanding. It brings you a comprehensive and lasting inner peace. It brings you unconditional love. It births compassion from within you for all other life. And it changes your life and consciousness for the better… forever.

But here’s the thing. Beyond what I’ve already said… there’s really not that much more to say about the experience itself. Because as you can imagine… an experience as powerful as one that could be explained as meeting God… might very easily transcend words themselves…? and indeed it does. There are no words… in ANY language… that can convey the experience of finding enlightenment.

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of last week’s homework, uses the analogy of how difficult it might be to explain the concept of colors to someone who is blind, and who experiences the world through touch and sound. How would you explain the subtleties of the hundreds of red colors that actually make up the color of a rose? How could you ever explain the color white to someone who has never experienced light? And how speechless would they be to awaken to a world of sight, where everything in their world was redefined with light and shading, and movement, and the vibrant colors. Might move them to tears, yes? Might change their whole outlook, yes? Great analogy he uses there.

I use a more realistic analogy… of how it might be to try to explain what it feels like to plunge your hand into warm swirling water… to someone who has never experienced it before. How could you explain warm to someone who had never experienced it? And what exactly is wet? How many lifetimes would you use up trying to explain the concept and feel of “swirling”? There are no number infinite of analogies, or comparisons or explanations that you could convey to someone who had never experienced… what it feels like to experience plunging their hand into warm swirling water. But… that said… unlike with an unlikely experience of a blind person gaining sight in Don Miguel’s analogy… the experience of warm swirling water itself awaits for anyone. That experience awaits to be the ultimate teacher for the student who wants to know. All someone has to do is go to a place where warm swirling water exists, and plunge their hand in. BANG! Instant understanding. The ultimate epiphany. Complete understanding.

And similarly… just like a teacher cannot teach you what it is to have the experience… they CAN act as a guide to get you to where you can have the experience yourself… they can act as a guide to give you all the information you will require to get to the pool of warm swirling water… and can instruct you on how to plunge your hand in… so you too can have instant and permanent understanding.

And that… is my role. I am a guide. Nothing more. Nothing less. And what is a guide but someone who is useful to show you where you need to go and how to get there until you learn that path yourself… at which point… the guide… is no longer necessary. So my ultimate goal… is to work myself out of a job. I want to help others find the direct connection to God that provides all spiritual understanding for them… which will make all my words… this podcast… and my entire existence… unnecessary.

In a world driven by a rat race that is designed to accumulate wealth and create a legacy… with people putting their names on buildings and huge gravestone monuments in an effort to be remembered… how many people do you know who’s primary goal it is to help people to a point that they be completely forgotten? Well, now you know at least one.

Now… I HAVE met God directly, and I DO understand how to get you there… or at least how others have gotten there. And the knowledge and wisdom I took away from the experience is amazing.

For instance… in this podcast series, I happen to be explaining the scientific creation of all human emotion, human conflict, and the basis for all human pain and suffering… with a model that works 100% of the time, and that can be drawn on a piece of paper… for the first time in history.

You think I did that? Sure I designed the model, and did the graphics, and wrote the podcast episodes, but beyond that… that’s not my work… that understanding was not something I came up with through painstaking research and study… that was given to me by God. I never learned the first thing about psychology and the workings of the human mind in college, and I didn’t learn anything about it after college either… yet here I am… after a mystical spiritual experience… explaining the scientific and logically provable definitions of anger, sadness, fear, etc., better than an entire world of psychologists have done… over the last 4000 years. That’s not me. I didn’t do that. It comes THROUGH me… God did that.

And He’ll do something as equally amazing for you also… if you ask Him in a way that will bring you to a personal meeting with Him. So let’s start explaining how other people and cultures around the world have attained that meeting.

[The Universality of Meditation]

Enlightenment many times… comes spontaneously… when people are least expecting it. It’s not like you get on God’s schedule, put it on your calendar, sit down at the appointed time, and have a meeting with God. No. When God appears to you… it comes out of the blue. Well… to a point anyway.

Through my personal research of reading and listening to numerous enlightenment stories… I have detected something in common among most enlightenment stories. And that one commonality is that at the time of the enlightenment… at the time that God showed up… was at a point where the mind of the person in question… was silenced for some reason.

Now… we can dig into some of the examples later, but people in the past who have found enlightenment and met God… whether it happened during a major elation that was interrupted, a major depression that was interrupted, a meditation that was interrupted, or another discipline that was interrupted… in most the stories I’ve read, the enlightened person’s mind fell into a state of non-thinking.

Now… a state of non-thinking mind is a very rare thing, so I want to talk about the universality of meditation for a moment. Because it is my observation… that one of the things that may trigger enlightenment… that may trigger that meeting with God… is the state where you are ready to listen to that which exists just beyond the voice inside your head.

See… in our minds… there is constant chatter. We are seeing images, thinking thoughts, taking in our senses, and then classifying, quantifying and judging everything going on around us. So the mind rarely stops. And in that state… we could never meet God. We got too much stuff going on to meet him.

I can’t right now, I’ve got to think about who’s gonna get kicked off idol. Tell him to call me tomorrow. What do you mean he can hear me? Do you have God on 3 way calling?

And this is why in many of the world’s religious and spiritual philosophies, there are disciplines built in to help us clear our minds… [@] and meet God. Meditation, of course, being one of those.

Meditation is a conscious focus on calming the mind and body, and usually attempting to focus the mind down to one thing… like reciting a mantra over and over… or concentrating on the breath… or voicing a vibration of some sort.


And what does this do for the mind but put it in a state of thinking about one thing… which is just one step away from thinking of NO thing. Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Bahai, Kabbalah, Sikhism, and now even Christianity all encourage meditation as a way of searching for a better understanding of what is most commonly calles God.

Prayer… was not designed to ask God for the lottery numbers, and believe it or not prayer was also not designed to ask God to cure little Timmy’s cancer, although that’s not a bad use for it, as that studies have shown prayer to be effective in healing. No… prayer is designed as a time to stop and listen FOR God, not a time to talk TO God. In fact in monasteries all over the globe, be them Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist or whatever… the highest monks pray through contemplative prayer… which is silencing the mind down to as little as possible… so as to hear God speak when He does.

The Sabbath Day… you’re not supposed to work. You’re not supposed to do anything, in fact. Why? It’s a day of quiet. The kids aren’t supposed to be running around playing sports that day. You’re not supposed to be out having a BBQ. It’s a day to be with yourself, to be with your family, and most importantly… listen for God… quietly… contemplatively… so that enlightenment might happen for you on that day.

Then we get to what I call the physical meditations. Yoga. Chi Gong. Tai Chi. Dancing. Tribal dance in Africa has brought tons of people to enlightenment because they dance to a point of physical exhaustion, and literally can’t think. Yoga… you are moving… opening up communication channels in the body, and focusing on one thing… the breath. That’s why the movements are repetitive in yoga… so you don’t have to think about them. You’re not supposed to. Same with the martial arts repetitions.

Chanting is something repetitive that you aren’t supposed to think about. People chant all over the world.

Fasting from food is a major point in many religions, although Christianity in the US has slacked off on it quite a bit. And what does fasting do but remove nutrients from the body that make it harder to think. I’ve been on a fast. It’s really tough to think as well as you do when you have food. And that non-thinking… gets your non-eating self one step closer to spontaneous enlightenment. You guys should fast. It’s good for the body and mind.

Emotional extremes like despair and elation can sometimes trigger enlightenment. People that get so depressed that they can’t think about anything else but how bad they feel. Their mind shuts down. And what is that a prime environment for…? It’s a perfect environment for God to stop by and say hello. Eckhart Tolle was one of these stories. His enlightenment experience, as explained in his book The Power of Now, was in the midst of a suicidal depression.

Near death experiences are rife with stories of going beyond mind and body. The brain is starved of oxygen… conscious thought stops. Boom!

And finally… and we gotta cover this or it wouldn’t be a thorough discussion… drugs. Psychedelics… have brought people into an enlightenment experience because of the effect that the chemicals have on the mind to be able to create conscious thoughts. Some of these drugs include mescaline, psilocybin, and DMT.

Now before you think all these drugs are bad… did you know that you have DMT running through your veins every night during REM sleep. DMT is the most potent psychedelic on the planet, by far… and you’re on it every night naturally because the pineal gland releases it in your sleep (at a time when the brain has stopped conscious thought?). Hmm.

My question though is… if you decide to try to trigger some kind of consciousness expansion through chemical manipulation… does the fact that you’re on a mind altering drug influence your consumption of that experience follow-up mindful understanding of any experience you do have? The drug stops your mind from thinking, which may trigger something for you… but then can you understand that which exists just beyond?

Maybe. I don’t know. I came by my enlightenment experience naturally through meditative practices. That drug question might be a good one for Dr. Deepak Chopra though, who admits his first mystical experience was chemically initiated.

Now… before we get off track and start our judgmental minds a spinnin’ here. What again is the commonality of all these activities? They are all disciplines to quiet the mind into a point where you can hear what exists just beyond.

And when you do get your mind to cease all conscious thought, the evidence suggests there’s something within us designed to open the door to meeting God that you were probably never told even exists. Homework.


Homework for this week is simple. Share this episode with a few folks and ask them what they think. Get a discussion going. Do you really think this nut-ball has met God, and do you think it’s really possible to meet God and become enlightened. I didn’t used to believe it. What do you think?

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I’m grateful that you’re here for the ride. If you want me to share, I want to share. You just tell me when to shut up. Know that I love you. See you next week. Peace.





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