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Today… we’re gonna take a break from the Body Mind Spirit 101 schedule, and give you something that you can use daily to raise your level of awareness. Go.


Welcome to the I AM podcast, where we answer all the questions about spirituality and inner peace that you ever wanted to ask… and where we learn all the secrets of humanity and divinity through a better understanding of both. I am your host, Sean Webb.

Okay, so you’re gonna find this out about me, that I have a TON of passion for getting you what you need to experience inner peace, and to discover your true spiritual self within you, AND… that I just have a countless number of things to share with you. Now, because of those two things… I am going to take us on some tangents from time to time… but… I promise they’ll be good tangents… and we’ll always come back to where we need to go. And our little tangents will keep us on our toes.

So on that note, we’re gonna push this week’s episode to next week, and I’m going to share with you something that you can use every day while we learn about the rest of the Body Mind Spirit model.

What I’m going to share with you is an effective tool to be able to bring yourself into a more spiritually aware presence, especially when you are finding it tough to raise your level of awareness.

First, let’s set the stage so you can get the most out of what I’m about to share with you.

[Moving Out of Ego]

Okay, so… in Episodes 2 through 5, we discussed how the search for true Spirituality and inner peace comes down to discovering the difference between your false self and your true self. The difference between your egoic worldly self, and your spiritually divine self. And we know that the false self (the ego) is the thing creates the pain and suffering in your life, and it’s that false self that you wear into the world everyday because you haven’t really discovered your true self yet, which is the naturally blissful, one with God and the universe, devoid of pain and suffering you that is hiding underneath your false emotional-ups-and-downs you.

And if you need evidence that most the world’s religions and non-religious philosophies support this false self / true self secret, hit episode 2 again.

Now… one of the big tricks being used today to distance your mind from your false self… is the trick of mindfulness… the trick of kicking back a little bit from your mind’s chaos, and observing your thoughts feelings and emotions from a more centered awareness.

And this method works really well for short term adjustments. A lot of spiritual teachers have exercises that help you try and observe your pain and suffering from a third person point of view.

And basically what is happening with this type of shift in consciousness on the Body Mind Spirit diagram is that you are moving your awareness from inside the ego… (here)… which when you’re inside the ego, your ego is controlling your thoughts… and you move that awareness out to here… not necessarily fully into the spirit, but not fully controlled by the ego anymore.

And it’s from this perspective, that you can look back at what’s happening here in the ego, and see with a bit of detachment… what’s going on with the ego and the emotions that are being generated by the equation of emotion (two things which we discussed episodes 4 and 5). And this is a much better perspective on things. You are able to see things with less emotional bias, and you’re able to act on a situation you might be in with less emotional influence.

Now the cool part of this… is that you can shift out of your ego into a heightened awareness in two ways… the first way is when your awareness spontaneously moves out of the ego, which happens during what we call an awakening moment. And you get to witness what’s going on with the ego and equation of emotion without being controlled by it… Then ALSO… the second way is that if you decide to consciously take a look at the ego and emotions that are occurring within you… your awareness… your consciousness… gets yanked out of the ego to that better vantage point by default. And as a result, you can then indeed see kinda from the outside of your mind looking in from a place that is somewhat other than mind (or at least other than ego). And that’s where you can consciously separate from the mess that’s going on here with egoic thoughts and emotional turmoil.

Which is why spiritual teachers give you exercises to try to be mindful of your thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. And we call this raising awareness, and/or shifting consciousness.

Now the whole idea behind spiritual practice, is that the more you execute this kind of shift… the better you get at it.

And ultimately… what is theoretically supposed to happen… is that if you keep working on being aware of the spaces “other than ego”… the body… non-ego mind… the spirit… you more often start moving your awareness out of the ego, and then one day… something happens… that you get yanked so powerfully out of your ego… you get catapulted right into the experience of your Spiritual essence. You fully discover your true self. And this experience of your true self, the Spirit… pulls your mind into alignment with the Spirit. And the result is that your mind becomes VERY aligned with Spiritual truth. And your ego gets an anvil dropped on it in a good way.

And so this natural alignment of mind with Spirit at that point… is what we call being spiritually conscious, or spiritually awakened. And that’s when life gets A LOT better than it ever had been for you.

Now in the meantime… while you’re practicing moving out of your ego over and over again… as you do that… your life gets less and less affected by the ego. And so the amount that your negative emotions affect you is drastically reduced. And the amount of pain and suffering in your life gets drastically reduced as well.

So it’s all good. The practice is good. The potential sudden additional awakening is awesome. And that’s why we’re all here, right? To increase our spiritual consciousness and remove all pain and suffering from our lives, right?

Okay, so… now… getting to the cool thing I wanted to share with you.

The reality is that as much as we would like to, sometimes it’s hard to pull our awareness out of our egos… especially when we’re in the midst of some emotional turmoil or conflict. Oftentimes you can become too busy with trying to defend your egoic position, or with juggling the thoughts of how you feel about this or that. When your ego is masquerading as you, you can get easily caught up in that illusion. And sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of the muck, because while your awareness is in the ego, you’re being controlled by the ego, because it’s masquerading as you… it tricks you into you thinking your ego IS you when your awareness is inside it, and it doesn’t want to relinquish that control of you.

And so what I wanted to give you is a simple little tool to help you pop your awareness out of the ego… at will.

In our language, we use the pronouns I and me in reference to ourselves. We use both the words I and me when we’re talking about the whole Body Mind Spirit model. And in response to the question who are you, like in episode 2, sometimes we say… “I am me.” We’ll use both of them. I am me. Notice there’s a duality there in that statement. There are two people in that answer. There are two pronouns to represent your human existence,

which is actually indicative that your mind kinda understands the false and true selves already.

So anyway, the “I” is the Spirit, while the ego is the “me”.

Now… when we’re feeling emotions, they are always being emanated from the me… from the ego and it’s connection to the Equation of Emotion. So that is our secret weapon.

Using that fact, here’s what I want you to do. At any time that you need a little heightened awareness… put the word THE in front of any instance where you use the word “me”. Put the word THE in front of “me”. THE me.

Now that may sound like a really simple change, but that one little word… THE…

I mean it’s not even a real word, it’s an article…

will change your life forever if you put it in front of any time you use the word me.

Think about it. You just don’t understand me… a statement that could be mired in frustration… turns into… you just understand the me. And now that statement seems a little silly. You just don’t understand THE me… you don’t get the fake, false self within me?

Now that statement seems a little selfish, actually. You should understand this fake paper-mache ego thing.

And what really happened is that the one little word… THE… yanked your awareness right out of the ego, and objectified the ego into what it is… an invented component within your mind, and not the real you.

Man… that really pisses THE me off. WHUP. You’re pulled immediately up and out of your ego. Your awareness is separated from it… and is much closer to the Spirit than it was a moment ago. And now you can see the ego for the anger causing monster that it’s being at that moment. That really pisses the me off. That really upsets the fake version of me that is not my spiritually centered true self. And then you can look at the Equation of Emotion to see where the problem is, and you’re immediately more rational than you were a second ago when you were angry.

You don’t love THE me anymore. What a moment ago was a painful statement based on your perception that you may be in a situation where you aren’t loved by a particular person, which with the ego can spiral into a you’re not deserving of love feeling… you don’t love THE me anymore… now… you’re pain is kinda stopped in its tracks… because your awareness has been yanked into a more spiritual position that the thing that isn’t being loved is just a crappy ol’ pile of illusions. Your awareness is now separated from the thing that creates pain and suffering, and you are immediately exist in a space much closer to your true self.

And these aren’t just parlor tricks. This isn’t just a ploy to avoid emotions that you’re eventually going to have to deal with later. These are the baby steps of what happens later when we drop a big anvil on your ego and it stops creating negative emotions all together.

Now… the other side of this coin… is when we incorrectly use the word I to speak about emotional issues. Even though the “I” is more aligned with spiritual existence, we often use it to signify the ego.

Like… I am angry. In our language, I can be angry, but in the Spiritual existence, the I cannot be angry. So when you find your self thinking or saying or feeling an emotion… say it this way. THE me is angry.

And I know that sounds weird, but that’s part of the reason it works. You’re not used to hearing improper grammar, so when you force yourself to say, “THE me feels sad today,” instead of I feel sad today… it immediately shifts your attention for two reasons. One, because it sounds funny, but two… it immediately reminds you that the ego is what is causing the sadness., and that your ego is not you.

And don’t worry… we’re gonna cover the individual emotions and the slow motion process of how they come about in a few episodes, so you’re going to have a strong grasp on the whole process. But for now… this gives you a really easy tool to pop your awareness out of the ego into a position closer to Spirit.


Okay, for this week’s homework… practice adding the word THE before any me that appears in any thought in your head, or any time you say it verbally… then be amazed at how immediate and dramatic the shift in consciousness and awareness becomes. Do the same any time you have an I AM statement with an emotion in it. I am upset. Huh-uh. The me is upset. It’s like a big claw… the claw… pulls you right up out of that ego, and separates you a bit from the emotional turmoil.

Homework part two… who are all you people, and don’t take that the wrong way, because I love every one of you, but here’s the thing.

In two weeks of this podcast being live on iTunes, we have thousands of subscribers. And although I am very pleased with that fact… in just two weeks, we’ve had over 30,000 download requests from iTunes. Now… I am psyched about that… and keep sharing the podcast with those you care about… because we’re gonna help everybody that joins us attain a higher level of inner peace. But I still have to ask… who are all you people? I don’t know that I believe you exist. Send me an email. Prove to me you exist, blow up my email server, and BTW… take a couple lines to tell me what you want to see from this podcast. I’m very interested in that… because this show is for you. SeanWebb (at)

In return. I will respond personally to each and every person who sends me an email. I want you to bury me with emails. I want to be returning emails on Christmas from this upcoming week. 30,000 downloads indeed.

Do all you people exist?

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Don’t worry… you’ll be seeing THE me next week, people. Wow… see? Peace.



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