“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.”

And Albert Einstein sad this?  Yup.  And he was right.

It seems a man certainly solidly entwined in the mechanisms of mind… also had the wisdom to understand that the attachments of mindful ideas of identity were detrimental to living a high quality life and being (from Einstein’s perspective) a high quality human being.

And this makes sense to the highest order.  Because let’s take for instance the case that you’re a person who, like over 99% of the rest of the world, is mired in constant judgment of things going on around you… mired in constant analysis of what you think IS you and what is NOT you… mired in constant turmoil of reacting to imbalances in the Equation of Emotion, thereby being negatively affected by that process (causing yourself undue and unnecessary pain and suffering)… and then wasting time in efforts to rebalance the Equation of Emotion during the multiple times of the day where it gets thrown into imbalance.  Are you being an effective human being if you’re wasting all that time with your internal nonsense?  Do you have time to be a compassionate human being when you are caught up in your own mindful illusionary bullshit?


You don’t have time to attend to anyone but yourself when you’re caught up in that mess.  You’re not being your higher self when you are caught up in the traps of mind that you don’t see if you’re not paying attention to them.  You’re not being a spiritual creature if you are separated from Spirit by the mindful distractions that can and WILL run amok if you let them.

And to Einstein’s point… if you’re just going to focus on your own internal crap and illusions (focusing on your self, and not being liberated from self)… what good are you to anyone else?  What good can you bring to society?  What good can you bring to those around you?  What compassion can you feel for ANYONE if you are focused on the illusionary made-up you that exists between your ears?

What positive energy can you bring if you’re wasting time with thinking about what things mean to you in relation to what you’ve attached to along the way? What kind of assistance, and love and compassion can you offer to those around you, if you first must deal with your own mindful crap that has hijacked your attention… and/or worse… if you must first judge who is worthy of assistance, love and compassion?

You DO realize that worms are going to be eating through what you perceived to be your “self” in just a short number of decades, right?  Or that your “self” is going to be floating into the atmosphere via a chimney somewhere soon?  And ALL your mindful worrying, mindful judging, mindful forming of opinions, mindful analysis… isn’t going to amount to a small pile shit when it’s all said and done?  You know that, right?  So quit worrying about yourself… become liberated from your self… become as Einstein suggested a valuable human being… and start doing some good for those around you and indeed for the world around you.

Become liberated from the self.  It saves you a lot of time which you can then fill with good.  When you release the mind’s version of you… you get to embrace the spiritual portion of you that never leaves you… the awesome, wonderful, blissful, contented, peaceful creature that is you underneath the pile of lies you allow your mind to tell you every day that causes the pain and suffering in your life.  All you have to do is let that thing go.  The rest does itself.

I love you.  I hope that you join me as One in Spirit.




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