Did God Create the Deadly Viruses and Cancers Also?

What a question, huh?  But it’s pretty much as old as time.  For eons, people have been asking the philosophical question, “If God created everything, did he also create evil?”

One of the two popular dogmatic responses (usually from the conservative literalists) to this ‘did God create sickness and cancer” question is sometimes, “Yes, God cursed man and Earth when Adam and Eve defied Him in the garden by eating the forbidden fruit. From that point forward man wan destined to die of diseases, and denied the immortality which he would have had in the garden.”

But the problem with that answer is that if it is said that the act of defiance created the curse on man and the Earth, then as the one and only creator, God created that curse, to include the diseases and cancers , but that hypothesis kinda flies in the face of what Jesus preached… that God is all-loving, and all forgiving, and does not judge man. Instead the curse theory kinda paints God as a vindictive SOB, and I personally don’t buy it.  By definition, Christians can’t buy it either, lest they ignore the New Testament for the Old, and by default revert to Judaism.

And so the other popular dogmatic answer… from those who subscribe to Jesus’ explanation of God the Father as being non-judgemental and all-forgiving, is one similar to, “Well no… of course God didn’t intentionally create disease and cancer. That happened when man’s sins defied God and man fell from grace into the imperfection of outside-the-garden life.”

But if that theory is true… and it is instead suggested that following Eve and Adam’s act, that God simply abandoned them, allowing the scientific system of life to run imperfectly at that point (thus creating the cancers and viruses), then the system in question had to be originally designed with imperfection in mind (intentionally… from the get-go… lest God be imperfect. Because if he can’t make mistakes, then any system / creation must also then be exactly as He designed it).  So in this scenario God created sickness and cancers from the beginning.

Even that isn’t our last option tho.  There are those who would suggest that the creations of deadly viruses and cancer happened in the cellular life system without God’s direct input… that God in fact did NOT create the evil phenomenon of sickness.  But in that case, a second creator must then be admitted into existence (Satan, Devil, etc.).  This second creator would then have created the very complex organisms such as staph infections, etc., inserting them into God’s system without God’s permission, therefore suggesting God is not all powerful.  Besides the fact that this would also then contradict the teachings of Christianity that God is the one and only creator, and that Satan is only an influencer of man.  Again this answer is contradictory to the beliefs of Christianity.


So I would like to offer up instead this option:  What if God created the universe as Himself (suggested by half the world’s eastern religions, and not necessarily against the teaching of Jesus in Christianity although certainly contradictory to other parts of the Bible), and the entire scientific model of existence is one where the most suitable life for that environment survives?

In that type of model, life (God) could then develop ITSELF to easily exist in any dissimilar environment (which it’s proven it DOES… we are here breathing oxygen, and we have discovered microorganisms that live and thrive in sulfur based and sulfuric acid environments, and in the 2000 degree volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean. This, btw opens the door for life everywhere in the universe if the system itself is intelligent.)
And so in such an intelligent of-God system, it is possible that a few system safeties, like cancer, deadly viruses, disease, could then actually be deigned to be part of that system, so as to kill off unsuitable specimens and life less suited for continued survival in any given environment. What happens when DNA strands naturally get weak? Cancer. What happens when radiation uncommon for our environment occurs? Cancer. What happens when overpopulation and filth overcome a society or a particular environment? Viruses and disease. And these occur “naturally”,

That type of system safety addition would also act as a rather needed population control mechanism. For life to have a sustained viability, an ecosystem must be maintained that rejuvenates itself. If a mold outgrows its food in a petri dish, the mold eats everything, dies off, and NO LIFE is left over.

Candidly, I know from the enlightenment experience that to God, the death of humans and all other living creatures is a good thing. It’s built into the system. It ensures constant RE-creation can occur to ensure small changes and improvements can be made from within the system itself so as to sustain life. It’s why nothing survives too long. It’s why bugs designed to kill us learn to overcome antibiotics and become superbugs. It’s why everything… eventually dies.

And it is only our hubris that allows for us to think we are the end-all be-all and not just part of a larger system of existence. Ironically, however… that said… in this same system… we all also happen to be 1) part of a perfect God created system, 2) part of God Himself, 3) directly connected with God at all times, and 4) have divinity within us as a result, as preached by Jesus.


What do you think?  Your turn…




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  1. I agree that all life forms are part of a larger system whose rules were premeditated by an intelligent design essence (by any name). Our first rule divine rule is to conform ourselves to our environment and the requirements of survival. It doesn’t matter whether we’re holding a Bible, Koran, Talmud or Hussler Magazine when we step out in front of the speeding Semi truck.

    I believe our second divine rule or objective is to channel God into our world by our own actions and abilities.

    God does not impose meaning, order, justice, goodness, love, compassion or anything else in our world. But fortunately the human race was born with all abilities and means to do those things ourselves. We were even given an internal divine guidance system known as a conscience to light our way.

    Case in point: Jails. If God enforced justice on the baddies and rewarded the goodies, why would we need jails? The justice system (jails included) are an attempt to establish order (and ideally justice) here on earth. I guess sitting around praying to punish bad people never did as much as simply building jails.

    So instead of praying under our breaths in darkened rooms for God to take care of all things bad, we actually just need to get our asses out of bed in the morning. His hands are US! If the human race collectively worshiped our consciences as our highest God given authority (in fact the ONLY one built into our very essence), and used our God given talents and abilities as a means to channel God’s will to ourselves and our world, our world would be an astoundingly better and more beautiful place.

    And trust me – if there IS a God (which I believe there is) one who uses their conscience as the highest authority and their God given talents to channel God’s love and will here on earth (instead of for selfish reasons) will be among God’s most Beloved. How could they not?

  2. This is a very intriguing article. I do not hold the ultimate answer to any questions of this nature, as I am not fully enlightened. Instead I take a pragmatic and mindful approach to my understanding.

    I think that if God did create the Universe we live in, then he clearly created the system where all things have equal right to live but only the strongest survive, known to science as natural selection. I think that cancer and disease are just natural selection, where we are competing with nature for our continued survival, and I do not view cancer as “evil,” which I will talk about further down this document.

    Something our genes have learned over the years is that those who live in groups have a greater chance to survive. Our species over a period of hundreds of thousands of years evolved to be socialized. Societies though, face a blatent problem. As Sean teaches us in his podcast, people are strongly influenced by their ego’s, which are inherently self-centered. So, enlightened men of the past, much like Sean, created the Bible under the influence of God. The Bible acts as a conduit to ethical behavior. The idea is that if everybody lived like Jesus society would be a peaceful place. However, the enlightened men realized that not everyone would so easily part with their egos. So, they used psychological, also called mindful, manipulation to ensure that the most people possible would live in a fashion promoting cohesiveness in society. An example of mindful manipulation is that God is always watching you and judging your every move, and when you die you will be either rewarded or punished for your actions, as in Heaven and Hell. It’s the same concept as when you walk around a retail store and there are cameras everywhere. You aren’t sure where all of the cameras are or if there is even anyone watching you, but you don’t steal just in case you might get in trouble. While the Bible is full of enlightened teachings and mindful manipulation, there are still those who will not listen. The justice system was created to keep such people away from the rest of society by putting them in jail. The end goal of it all is to create a society that is as strong and productive as possible.

    The concept of “good and evil” is not inherently born into us, otherwise no one would ever do anything bad. Instead, it is taught to us in a mindful fashion as we mature. As far as I have learned, anything not promoting the cohesion or continued survival of mankind is deemed evil, while everything that does promote cohesion is considered good. By this defenition, cancer, or any disease for that matter, is considered evil because it threatens our continued existence. Also, it causes us to lose the things our egos are attached to, such as friends and family, which causes us a great deal of negative emotion and makes us hate it even more. In reality though, our own egos are responsible for causing us the pain and suffering associated with death. We try to blame God or Satan for our suffering, but we are the ones to blame for our tears. God simply put us in the system of natural selection, which put us at the top of the food chain. He does not give us cancer to punish us, he gives us cancer to challenge us. Those who overcome their egos are both free of the pain associated with cancer, and increase the strength of the society they belong to by allowing people the opportunity to go to school, make money, and research cures for all diseases and cancers. I think in one of Sean’s earlier posts he also said that researches have found the gene responsible for aging! God put us in a system of natural selection, which gave us the ability to create a society free of death. In order to get to that point though, we must first overcome our egos so that we can focus on the important stuff, like survivng possible cosmic solar flares or ice ages or anything that can whipe out life on this planet as we know it.

    The Bible is full of parables that teach us to rid ourselves of our ego’s influence and live a life of compassion. Almost every religion on Earth teaches a similar message in a different way.

    To sum it all up: God created natural selection… Humans are a product of natural selection… Society is a product of mankind’s natural selection… The ethics required for people to live in a thriving society and break free from the grip of natural selection was given to us by enlightened men who know God… The rest is in our hands.

    That’s my explanation. Hope it makes sense.

  3. There’s no doubt we’re but small parts of a much bigger ecosystem with multitudes of different life forms that we compete with for survival (including viruses, cancers, politicians, etc). And the totality of that ruthless, agonizing, universal and brutal predation is something we call an “ecosystem” or the world we know and love.

    To take a small exception to Sean’s POV, I believe ALL our innate human instincts including fear, selfishness, worry, guile, ruthlessness, compassion, hate, pettiness etc – all have their place in the service of human survival. Remember that as much as we believe the aim of religion or spirituality is to relieve suffering, our bodies have been laboriously wired through and through with pain sensors from our creator. But without pain, fear, worry, guile, etc. (all those so called negative emotions) our species wouldn’t have lasted 3 generations.

    And to the extent that evil is something that causes suffering and goodness is something that relieves it- they can both be seen as a self serving, relative constuct given meaning only in the context of limited human perception .

    Same with the concept of duality. Attention eastern religions: the world isn’t dualistic – it’s just our thinking process that is. The brain is a binary system that catagorizes all things as a positive or a negative, pleasure or pain, attractive or repulsive, useful or detrimental. 1 or 0. It’s not the world, just another survival tool our species has developed to filter the world to the narrow purpose of our survival. Not great for a holistic understanding, but can’t be beat for hunting, gathering, and generally keeping out of harms way.

    And again, I don’t believe God imposes any meaning on the world in terms of good/evil, right/wrong, superior/inferior, etc etc. But one of the wonderful things about the human existance is our ability to not only create our own meaning, sense of virtue, goodness, fairness, compassion, etc but to bring it into reality on our planet and in our communities.

    Because in addition to our negative, predatory and yet critical survival skills, we also have a hardwired spiritual orientation. And that can be obtained by listening to other hardwired informers such as the conscience, compassion, sense of collectivism, belonging, beauty and grandeur.

    One translation of the word Yoga is “Yoke”. And IMO true understanding only begins when you have the palpable realization of being “yoked” to all creation – good or bad, attractive or not, painful or pleasurable, positive or negative, 1 or 0.

    It’s at that point that the duality of the mind is transcended and true identity and boundless spirituality can be obtained. Life perception changes from zero sum to wholistic and sustaining. And of course we grow facial hair, buy Burkenstocks and pretty much stop getting invited to cocktail parties.

    How’d I do Sean? Pretty close, eh?


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