It’s been slow going, but we’re getting there.  I remind myself in my momentary impatiences of wanting to help the world that a great meal isn’t prepared in a moment.  A wondrous city isn’t built in a day.  And the solutions this site and associated video series will provide for humanity… will probably not be fully felt for decades.  So I guess taking a few extra weeks to prepare its launch won’t hurt so much when taken into the perspective of the big picture.

So… the website is almost finished… and some of the outlines for the first 20 Basics videos are done.  Before we even start shooting, they will all need to be completed so that we can ensure we are not missing coverage on any of the basic concepts that will support our discussions of more advanced topics.  But after that… hopefully… we’ll be able to talk about some big stuff like;

How to cease the existence of negative emotions within us all.

How to interrupt the pattern of attachment and the pain associated with de-attachment.

How to decrease and negate internal conflict.

How to decrease and negate external conflict.

How to increase compassion.

How to increase consciousness of love.

How to increase joy.

And hopefully we will also be able to attack some more practical societal problems, such as;

How to neutralize playground, school environment, and online bullying.

How to reduce and stop teen suicide.

How to stop emotional familial abuse.

How to stop spousal physical abuse.

How to reduce the incidents of rape.

How to reduce the incidents of murder.

How to reduce the incidents of other non-violent crime.

How to train our civil servants to be more peaceful in their jobs.

How to decrease and negate the effects of PTSD in our troops.

How to reduce and stop conflict and war, period.

How to reduce the amount of heated arguments in the world.

How to mindfully motivate to reprioritize to address poverty.

How to mindfully motivate to reprioritize to address world hunger.

How to follow an actionable plan to attain a sustainable world peace (to be presented soon).

And hopefully we will also have a little fun in talking about current events from the perspective of Intellectual Spirituality.

So please forgive me if I take a little time to organize all this.  I don’t want to put out something that isn’t valuable, that isn’t interesting, and most importantly… that isn’t sustainable by my continued efforts so as to build momentum on something real.  This stuff needs to get out into the world so it can be used to the benefit of all.  When a higher power gives you a task, you tend to not want to screw it up.  😉




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