Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to expound upon INTENTION creation.

Okey dokey here goes!

What is an intention? Is it a prayer…. a statement?

An intention from where I stand, is a reminder…. a deep and genuine desire to remember that you deserve to live joyful and successful lives upon this earth.

To create an effective intention it is possibly a good idea to understand exactly what you think an intention is.

If you believe you are asking someone for something when you make an intention, your wish will have the energy that YOU habitually attach to the requests you make in your everyday life.

Do you feel hesitant when you ask another for help or for something that you desire? Do you feel as though you don’t deserve it? Is your energy demanding, forceful and tinged with aggression as though  it is your right that this other gives this thing to you NOW?

If you see intention as a prayer, who are you praying too? Are you adjusting the prayer so as to seem meek according to your religious beliefs or programming? Are you frightened of the ‘God’ that you are requesting from? or do you see the God as loving and supportive of your wishes?

These are all valid questions to meditate upon when making conscious intentions. I suggest we make it a daily habit to ask these questions and allow the answers that arise to broaden your self-awareness.

All of these attitudes and the many more available are simply that, ‘attitudes’, they mean nothing to anyone but you.

They are your belief systems being exposed; in the tone of voice you hear yourself use, the way you structure your sentences and the way you feel as you state your wish.

If you are conscious of any of this whilst you attempt to create a strong intention then GOOD you are noting the resistances and the habits that you have always had, coming up.

You are becoming CONSCIOUS of the sabotage that you have had running all along!

This is AWESOME because as soon as you become conscious of a resistance….a nagging feeling…. an energy of- this won’t happen, a niggle that you are whining or begging, you can stop and examine this. You can sink into a feeling state, let the resistance be heard then LET IT GO.

ANYTHING that seems to stand in the way of an intention born of LOVE and the wish for a better life… (even a new car is simply a secret wish for a feeling of happiness and renewal), anything that seems to pop up and turn your head away from your right to peace and joy is a flimsy ego centric pattern that is ASKING to be eradicated!

So get tough and stay focused on LOVE for self. Treat yourself like a little deserving child who NEEDS this new, peaceful life and self-esteem to survive. Only you are capable of showing this child the path!

If you shift your view of intentions from a small asking for something that you don’t know if you deserve to a HUGE statement of personal power you might feel a difference in your body response and the external reflection as your intention manifests.

If you are on a journey of self-love you will encounter resistance from your ego, especially when you make statements of power. The old words of less supportive teachers and/or parents etc will pop up to deter you from your path. No blame just a simple fact to forgive and release.

But it is your birth right to be at one with your world and in alignment with your source of wellbeing. There is no judgemental God, there is only you judging yourself. Judgement is unreal, the only thing that exists is love all else is a fabrication (seemingly real but a fabrication nonetheless)

This unreal fear oriented perspective is only alive in your body, mind and life because you have allowed and continue to allow it to be.

Like anything of worth it takes courage to get the results. Courage to face up to yourself, diligence in keeping on your path turning your mind away from the old unsupportive idea and onto the new idea of oneness, connection and ultimate joy.

At Hapkido I have to TRAIN to get better at my techniques. I have to focus on my internal strength and bring it to the surface. I have to correct my movements a thousand times to gain the momentum that I need to achieve my goals. But to me it is WORTH it…and you know, it is only a drop in the ocean of my goal for perfect self-love and connection to all that is.

My goal; ‘to remember who I AM in truth’ is so important to me that I will not let a measly ego centred resistant thought that I am not good enough cloud the expression of my truth!

BE STRONG BE DILIGENT, every time you feel a resistance to your deserving and awesome self relax! Turn your head back to the light.


Make your first intention to  ‘Love yourself and remember your connection to all that is’ surely even a vengeful God (no such thing BTW except as a human construct) wouldn’t begrudge you that!

Let your first intentions centre around getting to know yourself and releasing your resistance to peace and joy.

Do the work, revel in the work, every breath takes you a step closer to ultimate remembering. YOU are riding the wave of pure conscious awareness.

A trifling thought of undeservedness is nothing compared to the awesomeness of who you really are!

Until next time,

keep breathing,


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