Hi Everyone,

Making an intention is your way of stating to your higher self EXACTLY what you would like to experience in regard to a particular subject. Intentions are chosen and made by you, for yourself, as you become aware of who you are and what you need to be happy.

An intention is a statement that says you have faith in your ability to achieve what you desire. Intentions show that you are acknowledging a power within yourself and your universe that is capable of providing exactly what you need in order to live your best life.

When you make an intention with all of your being you are activating your creative powers. Your intention will be carried through unless you adjust or change your expectation around it. An intention is a symbol of what you REALLY want.

We tend to make unconscious intentions based on our past experiences. They come out as unchallenged repetitive statements. For example- ‘I can’t do it, it is too hard’ might be something that you think often without even realising you are thinking it. Even though you may not be aware, your mind is and is doing everything it can to make sure it obeys your every command.

YOU are the God to your cells and they desire to please you. By allowing yourself to create unconsciously you find yourself bumping into all sorts of obstacles. You may find yourself complaining about life and blaming circumstance for your misery.

Once you begin examining your thoughts and making conscious intentions you will override the loop you are currently enduring. It is like flicking the switch from auto to manual. And although this might seem harder at first than letting your life continue on its random, uncertain course it is in fact much easier and the fruit that you bear is so much tastier!

You are not alone there is a multitude of help in the air around you just waiting to hear you go STOP! THIS is what I want! The Universe and you are one being acting from many points of focus. YOU are here to support the many aspects of yourself and the many aspects of yourself, seen and unseen, are here to support you. All this is done with a simple YES thought and the feeling of connection will deepen.

To illustrate the power of intention with a personal anecdote; I had been divorced for a number of years and had dated a few different people in that time but none of them were anything close to the type of person I wanted to be with. In fact some of those encounters were downright disappointing! Having had enough of these half baked interludes I made a clear and intense statement to the universe, I stated OUT LOUD with every cell in my body ‘NO MORE of these experiences. I choose to remain single until I meet the best partner for me. I want a lover and a friend a soulmate an exciting and joyful counterpart to have a deep and committed relationship with. I refuse all other flimsy affairs until that moment’

It wasn’t so much the words of the statement but the energy that turned that declaration into an intention.

WELL, for three long years I remained single. In that time I forgot that I had been so adamant and I found myself wondering why I wasn’t meeting anyone of interest… I questioned my appeal! I did actually pursue a relationship with someone and all sorts of things stopped us from meeting! Flat tyres, emergency’s, time mix ups etc haha it was actually hilarious in hindsight, we never actually went on a date! The universe, the most switched on aspect of myself stayed true to my intention until I finally locked eyes on my man.

We live in a multi dimensional, shimmering world that is presenting itself upon our command according to the agreements and intentions we make.

Following is a short exercise designed to help you understand and create appropriate intentions!

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself the question- Who do I want to be?

Start writing and don’t stop, remember it is for your eyes only, let yourself go without judgement.  It is best to write everything because the secrets that are often revealed are so worth it. As you write delve in to the type of person you would like to be as well as your physical desires for a particular lifestyle or career.

When you are spent take a deep breath, this is a BIG thing you have done.

Knowing what type of person you would like to be opens up many questions as you go about your daily life. Each time you attempt to make an action that doesn’t support who you would like to be you will feel a question arise in your mind. Your body mind and spirit will do all they can to make it clear to you that you are about to act in a way that supports or does NOT support your intention of who you would like to be.

Take time now to breathe deeply into your body as you do so think the thought ‘who do I want to be?’  Do not attempt to answer this now, allow the answer to unfold naturally.

Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly, do this six times as you do so imaging letting go of all your ideas and expectations you are starting afresh NOW.

It is a good time to make an intention. Remember you can always change you intentions nothing is written in stone. But if you can allow a simple sentence to emerge on your paper, a sentence that means something to you that is a good place to start.

Your intention may be something like ‘ I choose to be the best person I can be’ ‘ I intend to feel happier and happier as each day passes’ or something more specific; I choose to give up smoking by Christmas’. Play around with words until you have something you feel inspired to work with.

Take your intention and STATE it loudly, engage all the muscles in your body and SAY it. Imagine all the angels of the universe are listening and start moving about arranging your life to make this intention come true. Say it again with relaxed muscles- KNOW in your heart that the Universe that is the more knowing part of yourself is conspiring to deliver this intention to you…

Once you have stated your intention all I ask you to do is begin to notice the things that happen in your life…maybe your lighter runs out as you try and light a cigarette…the cake falls on the floor just as you are about to over indulge….a bird flits around your potplants making you smile.

Noticing these little messages in your life will make you more and more aware. The more you acknowledge the universal gifts, the more credit you give your mind to deliver what you ask for the MORE you will notice.

If you feel emotional or resistant to any of these words or the things that occur in your life after you make your intention never fear, simply relax come into the moment and pat yourself on the back for noticing your resistence you are becoming a witness to the awesomness of who you are. Ther may be times where the magnitude of your magnificence will frighten you a little and you will try and scurry back to your old smaller less responsible self. This is NORMAL and soon you will see that response for what it is and you will love yourself through those moment s and invite the next magical gift that is to come your way!

I want to be the best I can BE

Affirm your intention as though it has happened by using ‘I AM’, it might feel strange but your mind does not differentiate between real and imaginary- I AM The Best I can BE.  I AM Living a healthy lifestyle…say it …feel it and soon you will BE!

Until next time,

keep breathing,




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